Why do we celebrate Valentine’s Day 2023 | What is the history of this Valentine’s Day

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Love has no language, it’s a feeling. Although it is not necessary to express love that you have to wait for a special day, but still all loving couples around the world are eagerly waiting for Valentine’s Day. Loving couples celebrate this day in their own style. Every year on February 14, all couples around the world celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Have you ever wondered why Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14? Is there a story behind it? Yes, there is a story behind Valentine’s Day celebrated every year on February 14 and it also has its own history. Why do we celebrate Valentine’s Day today? And what is the history of this day? To know the history of Valentine’s Day , you have to stay with the article.

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Why do we celebrate Valentine’s Day?

There must be an event behind the celebration of every festival. Be it the festivals of India or the festivals celebrated all over the world, everyone has some true event or belief. Valentine’s Day is celebrated every year on the 14th of February. It will not be bad to call february the month of love. There are many opinions behind why Valentine’s Day is celebrated, no exact information is available. But a story or event related to Valentine’s Day is quite famous which is related to the Roman Empire. This day is celebrated in memory of Christian martyr Valentine. In most English civilization countries abroad, this is a traditional day in which lovers express their love for each other.

Key Highlights of Valentine Day History

Article Name Valentine Day
Another name for Valentine’s Day Saint Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day is celebrated In almost all countries of the world.
Valentine’s Day Date February 14th every year
Symbol of modern Valentine Heart-shaped format, pigeon-winged cupid
It is done on Valentine’s Day. Lovers give gifts to each other, date each other
It is considered Valentine. In memory of Saint Valentine
Sal tree a timber tree 2023

What is the history of Valentine’s Day?

Do you know that Valentine’s Day is named after a person whose name was Valentine? Who was Valentine and why is Valentine’s Day celebrated in his memory? There’s a story behind them. Valentine’s Day is celebrated in memory of Valentine’s Day, which was hanged on February 14. The story behind celebrating this day of love i.e. Valentine’s Day was not full of love. This story begins with the third century of the Roman Empire. This story is associated with an evil king of Rome and a merciful saint Valentine. Once upon a time, around the third century in Rome there was a tyrannical king known as Claudius.

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Declaration of King Claudius in Rome

King Claudius Gothicus II of Rome believed that a single unmarried soldier could become more appropriate and effective than a married soldier for war. The king believed that the attention of the married soldier is always focused on the concern of the family and the soldier is not able to pay his full attention during the war. For these reasons, King Claudius announced in the kingdom that no soldier will marry after today, if he does so, he will be punished.

Soldiers unhappy with the king’s announcement

All the soldiers were very sad with this decision of King Claudius. This decision was wrong for all the soldiers who wanted to get married. But no soldier had the courage to stand against the king. And all the soldiers were forced to accept this decision.

At the same time there lived a saint in the room who was known for his kindness. Saint Valentine did not find this decision of the king right. After which Saint Valentine worked to secretly marry many young soldiers to King Claudius. Any soldier in the state who wanted to marry his girlfriend would take the help of Saint Valentine and Valentine would secretly get those soldiers married. In this way, Saint Valentine secretly married many soldiers.

Valentine’s meeting with jailor Asterius

Valentine had secretly married many soldiers. But there came a time when King Claudius was aware of this work of Saint Valentine. King Claudius sentenced Saint Valentine to death for his act and put him in prison. One day while in prison, a jailer named Astrius came to Saint Valentine.

Saint Valentine had a divine power which he used to remove people’s diseases. When the jailor Asterius came to know about this, he reached out to Valentine, in fact Asterius had a daughter who was blind, for which Asterius wanted help from Valetiene. Valentine was a kind saint who healed the blind daughter of jailor Asterius with his powers.

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Valentine’s friendship and love with Asterius’ daughter

Valentine and the daughter of jailor Asterius were now well friends. Gradually this friendship turned into love and both of them did not know when they fell in love with each other. Asterius’ daughter was shocked to think that the date of Valentine’s death was approaching. Finally, the moment came when Saint Valentine was to be hanged. Saint Valentine was hanged on February 14.

Before his death, Saint Valentine had asked the jailor for a pen and paper and wrote a goodbye message for the daughter of jailor Asterius. At the end of this message, Valentine wrote “Your Valentine”. This is the word that is remembered by all love birds today.

This is Valentine’s Week

  1. Rose day
  2. propose day
  3. chocolate day
  4. teddy day
  5. promise day
  6. hug day
  7. kiss day

FaQs related to why we celebrate Valentine’s Day

What is the meaning of Valentine’s Day Hindi?

Valentine’s Day is called Love Day . This day started from European countries and is celebrated in most countries around the world today.

When is Valentine’s Day celebrated?

Valentine’s Day is celebrated every year on February 14.

Is Valentine’s Day celebrated in India?

Yes! Like european countries, in India too, their love is expressed by the youth on this day.

When is Valentine’s Day every year?

Valentine’s Day is on February 14th.

What is Valentine’s Week?

Valentine’s Week begins on February 7 every year. It runs until February 14.

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