Warren Buffett – Biography, Wife, Family, Career & Success

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warren buffett
warren buffett

Warren Edward Buffett, Better Known As Warren Buffett. He Is An American BusinessmanInvestor And One Of The Richest People In The World, Who Was Born On August 30, 1930 In America. He Is Considered To Be The Best Investor In The World, Whose Age Is Currently 92 Years. Warren Buffett Is The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Of Berkshire Hathaway. As Of September 16, 2022, Warren Buffett Has A Net Worth Of More Than $97 Billion, Making Him The Seventh Wealthiest Person In The World.


Warren Buffett Biography

Name Warren Buffett
Know For As A Rich Person
Date Of Birth August 30, 1930
Place Of Birth Omaha, Nebraska, USA
Age 93 Years
Profession Businessman, Investor
Parents Father – Howard Buffett And Mother – Leila Style Buffett
Wife First Wife – Susan Thompson (1952; Died In 2004)
Second Wife – Astrid Menx (2006)
Net-Worth $ 97 + ( 16 Set 2022)
Famous For As An Investor
Country Rank 5th (Fifth)
World Rank 7th (7th)
CEO Berkshire Hathaway
Nationality American

Warren Buffett Childhood And Education

Warren Buffett Was Born On August 30, 1930, In Omaha, Nebraska, USA. His Father’s Name Was Howard Buffett, Who Was A Businessman As A Stock Market Investor. And His Mother’s Name Is Leela Style Buffett. He Received His Schooling From Woodrow Wilson High School In Washington DC, Graduated From The Wharton School Of The University Of Pennsylvania And Later Studied Management At Columbia School Of Management.


Warren Buffett’s Story

As Mentioned Above, Warren Buffett’s Father Was A Stock Market Businessman, He Also Invested Money In The Stock Market, So Seeing His Father, Warren Buffett Became Interested In Knowing The Stock Market In Childhood. And Over Time Buffett’s Desire To Do Business Had Become Very High, He Had Nothing To Do With His Young Age, Sold Newspapers Only At The Age Of Eleven And Invested The Money Saved From Those Newspapers In Something Or The Other. Gradually He Also Bought A Land And Now He Had Several Thousand Dollars, Which Was Enough For His Lifestyle. But It Was Warren Buffett, Who Today Knows Him As His Work And Philanthropic Person.

 Warren Buffett Success Story

At The Age Of 15, He Bought A Pin Ball And Kept It In A Saloon With A Stake, So That The Customers Coming To The Salon Do Not Get Bored And Continue To Entertain Themselves. Buffett Had No Idea That This Business Would Run So Much Because Over Time, In A Few Months, Warren Buffett Became The Owner Of One Pinball To Three Pinballs. He Earned A Lot As A Share.

Buffett Has Earned The Money So Far Only Through His Hard Work And Investment. Buffett Credits His Success To Benjamin Graham, Who At That Time Worked In His Company For A Salary Of $ 12,000. For Information, Let Us Know That Benjamin Graham Was A Veteran Player In The Stock Market, Where Warren Buffett Learned The Specialty And Methods Of The Stock Market. Warren Buffett Immediately Resigned From The Company And Quit The Job After Benjamin Graham Retired From The Company Two Years Later. After This, He Thought Of Doing Something Himself. By The Year 1962, At The Age Of Just 32, Warren Buffett Had Become A Millionaire Man, But After That, The Boom In Buffett’s Life Was His Experience, Who Is The CEO Of That Company Today.

The Journey From Investing

You Heard It Right Because The Name Of That Company Is Berkshire Hathaway. As Soon As The Company Arrived, Warren Buffett Began To Buy Shares Of This Company, And With The Company’s Largest Shareholder, He Took Control Of Berkshire Hathaway Until 1965. Warren Buffett Is Currently The Chief Executive Executive (CEO) Of Berkshire Hathaway. Not Only This, The World’s Most Expensive Stock Stock Is Of Berkshire Hathaway, Whose One Share Price Is About 4,17,103.00 US Dollars.

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