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Vijay Kedia is a successful investor of India, he has earned a great name in the stock market world, starting with just 35000, today Kedia has become the owner of 1000 crores. Kedia has made this work possible without setting up a factory, without any job, it is a big thing.

Kedia started trading on the Kolkata Stock Exchange at the age of just 18, at that time he found trading in the market a very difficult task. Such times passed and Kedia came from Kolkata to Mumbai, where he started his stock market world, with time he got success and became a good investor.

When Kedia first came to Mumbai, he had only 15 to 20 thousand rupees, but he has made so much money today with his hard work that he has a very good name in the country, people consult him about investment.


Vijay Kedia

  • Name – Vijay Kedia
  • Profession – Investor and Trader
  • Born – Kolkata
  • Children – 2
  • Present Address – Mumbai, India
  • Vijay Kedia Net Worth – 1000 Cr.
  • Vijay Kedia Education – B.Com

Over time, Kedia joined the richest people of India on the strength of his hard work, today he has become a well-known name in the stock market. For more information about them, you can get information on Wikipedia.

Vijay Kedia is a commerce graduate from Kolkata University, after completing his studies, he started his career in the stock market. There was a lot of problem in his early career, but he never gave up and became a good investor and showed the country and the world that if hard work is done, it definitely gets results.


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