Varisu Movie | Overview, Story Plot, Facts – Review

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This is Vijay’s sixty-sixth film which has been directed by Vanshi Pariwali. He is a National Award winning director and this film is a Tamil film. Earlier, Vanshi has directed Prabhas in Munna, NTR in Vrindavan, Ramcharan in Vrindavan and Allu Arjun in Yamudu and Mahesh Babu in Maharshi.

That means all the big stars of Teligu Cinema. Infect banshi’s parents run a cinema hall in his village. So this is what he has been seeing since childhood. Let’s come to this film Wariso released today, Pongal or Sankranti is a harvest festival on the occasion of Pongal, it is a very big festival.

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Varisu Movie – Vijay, Rashmika Mandanna, Shaam, Prabhu


And on this day, Ajay’s film has also been released along with him, well talking about the heirs, there is Vijay, there is Prakash Raj, whose name is Jai Prakash, he remains the villain, Rashmi’s mandarna, whose name is Divya is opposite Vijay and Vijay is also Vijay in the film. Ajay, Vijay.

At the beginning, we are shown two-three issues in the present day and then simultaneously in the back flashback, where all these problems started. And you know what is going to happen, everyone knows because now the name of the story is Waris, i mean you do not know, this film is obviously about the family, is there no new story?

We have seen this in KJo’s films before, we have seen it in a way in Baghban, which is also allu Arjun’s film, then after watching the film, Vijay is in full top form and we keep saying that please watch this film, larger than life is super grand sets to know the definition of meat, family is family.

Business and fire is luxurious bungalows everywhere BMW car Bentley’s car helicopters means all shiny and kilo-filled swag and style Yogi Babu is also a very famous comic, so comedy is also all these films together with Vijay’s action scenes and super energetic dance sequences not one, not two, three means why are you sitting and dancing even at low entry? have

And there is such a pan India number that you will smile because there is so much fun, there is a whole family drama, there is an emotional angle of parents, there is one liners and punch lines and in the end there is also a message. One thing I noticed in the middle of was that he breaks the fourth wall and talks directly to the audience, that is, eye to you.

And one funny thing was throwbacks, so many throwbacks are many references to his old films like Bigil Master’s Arabic has many more references, so if you have seen old films, then you will be able to cash in, meaning in a way this film gives tribute to Vijay, which gives him the status of being a talapati.

That means everyone was such a loyal fan that it was all going on all the time. Then when Ranjitma came, they were not spared and then they all started dancing.

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