Varisu Day 6 Box Office Collection

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Vamsi Padipally, who has directed Thalapathy Vijay Sir’s film Varisu, would like to tell that the film was released in Three Languages tamil, Telugu and Hindi, it has been 6 days since the release of the Tamil version of the film, while the Hindi version was released for 4 days.


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So it has been 3 days since the Telugu version was released, so this film has earned a lot of money from all languages, but the Hindi version of the film has surprised everyone because Thalapathy Vijay sir’s film Varisu was not promoted in the Hindi market and many Bollywood films were already running in front of the film.

Despite that, the film Varisu has earned a lot of money from the Hindi market, which means that the Hindi version of the film has collected more than expected, as well as the Tamil and Telugu versions of this film have already earned record-breaking earnings from all over the world. So first of all, let’s know about the Hindi box office collection of the film Warisu, the Film Varisu had a net collection of Rs 80 lakh from the Hindi market on the first day.

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On the second day, there was a double growth in the collection of this film and the film did Hindi net collection of Rs 1 crore 50 lakh on the second day, due to which the film’s collections re-emerged and the Hindi version of Warisu collected a net collection of Rs 2 crore 28 lakh on its third day, while the Hindi version of Varisu today i.e. on the fourth day was about Rs 1 crore 10 lakh. With this, the net collection of the film Warisu in the first four days Hindi is being Rs 5 crore 68 lakh.

At the same time, the gross collection Hindi rs 6 crore 80 lakh, the film has so far earned Rs 6 crore 80 lakh from the Hindi market, but talk about the collection of all languages, here the all India net collection was Rs 26.70 crore on the first day and Rs 11.55 crore on the second day. So on the third day, it collected Rs 10 crore 10 lakh, but due to Sankranti on the fourth day, there was a big increase in the collection of Varisu and the film did a net collection of Rs 18 crore 40 lakh from all languages on its fourth day.

On the fifth day, the film’s collection was very good and Warisu made an All India Net Collection of Rs 18 crore 50 lakh from all languages on its fifth day. India Gross collection is being rs 108 crore.

Talking about overseas collection, Warisu has so far earned Rs 47 crore from the overseas market, where India’s gross collection is Rs 108 crore, Overseas’s gross collection is Rs 47 crore i.e. Varisu‘s worldwide total gross collection has been Rs 155 crore. How did you like this film and how do you think the lifetime collection of this film will be, please tell us in the comments as well as follow us to get more such updates.

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