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vadh 2
vadh 2

Vadh Movie Review: Sanjay Mishra has done many things out of the box in the last few years. He was praised in the bitter air, eyes or success. There is another film out of his box, namely Vadh. How’s it? Let’s take a look. Master Shambhunath Mishra. Officially retired. But they still teach children at home. His wife Manju Mishra is a religious woman who believes in God. Such religious that the knee hurts. Then the protest goes up and goes to the temple.


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Vadh Movie – Sanjay Mishra, Neena Gupta, Umesh Kaushik

vadh movie 1
vadh movie 1

He has taken a lot of debt to send his son abroad, there is a problem in repaying, interest is increasing. The moneylender bothers for interest. There are some other problems, if you have seen the trailer, then you must have understood. Almost the story has been revealed in the trailer itself. Now let’s know a few things before watching the film. Darshan and social commentary are buried in this thriller film.

Love philosophy of life philosophy and philosophy of society is a good art in which you can find something indirect in front, i.e. what is not being said is also being said, there is a scene where Master Saheb celebrates the birthday of a girl child, his wife i.e. Manju asks him that you have never celebrated my birthday, Master ji says date. Otherwise, what to celebrate your birthday?

What does birthday mean? How to celebrate? Both laugh and fix a date of birthday. There is a philosophy of reality in it. Behind the dialogue is the social dialogue of helplessness and compulsion. How a lower middle class couple brings love and truth in front of us while harmonizing with each other. Jaspal Singh Sandhu Rajeev Varnwal’s direction writing contains all such philosophies and realities.

You will be surprised, suspense and music in cinema are like brothers, as much as suspense writing is the responsibility of direction cinematography, almost as much as background music is responsible, the best thing is that its BGM is not loud where it is needed, there is a loud sound design, it runs the audience according to its own, it takes the audience to the peak of stress and throws it down only. B is not good enough.

How it is used also matters a lot. Here the use of music has also been very smart. It plays with our brains. There is a scene where Pandey enters Master Ji’s house, there is suspense and music full of three is playing. Suddenly he gives master ji’s slap receipt. The music stops.

Similarly, when Master ji kills whom he has seen the film by killing. During that time, the powerful type of VGM plays, for this, composer Lavi Sarkar and music provider Fusion were told on the crate, now you must be wondering why I took two different names of composer and music giver because the makers have done the same.


vadh movie 4
vadh movie 4

So whoever has to go to the BGM credit can get it, so we took both names, I just talk about BGM now. A good cinema is also one in which silence has been used very cleverly. In which the surrounding voices are best woven into the scene and there is a unique example of it. It is shown in

There is music in nature too. There is a scene that is also seen in the trailer. Master ji is sitting in the flour mill and the sourness of the flour mill is opening up a kind of music and suspense in the atmosphere. In many such places, everything remains quiet without any background music. And suddenly things open up in front of you. I would like to congratulate the directors for at least and for using the silence.

The rest of you will see and tell you, now let’s move forward towards the camera angles. The camera angles show the mood of the characters very well. They play an important role in setting the tone of his mind and his inner mind. This film will also be remembered for its camera angles, let me give an example when Shakti Singh calls the master to the police station to meet Shakti Singh is a police inspector.

So first the camera is looking at master sahib from above the head, but as soon as the master turns away from his statement, the next moment the camera starts looking at him from below, this is a sign of confidence, there are all such moments and camera angles that seem to be part of the thought strategy, there is a frame in which Master ji is pushing Pandey’s car and on the same side of the police from behind. The car is coming out, this frame says a lot

There are many such long shorts without cuts for which cinematographer Sapan Narula is praised, another thing for which the praise is the use of artificial lighting as well as the clever use of the source present in the frame, on many occasions the use of mobile tour light has been very accurate. Also, the use of darkness has also been done very well.


vadh movie 3
vadh movie 3

Now is not the time to give examples of everything, friends, so sorry. Perhaps Shambhunath Mishra’s character is one of the top three performances of Sanjay Mishra’s career. His character is also scared at one time and at the same time there is anger in the eyes. Have courage. It is very difficult to put these three things in a character at one time.

Mishra absorbs this difficulty very easily, the best thing is that even after speaking too little, he speaks a lot, his dialogue delivery is also very excellent, by the way, a middle class husband can be protective for his wife and a beloved child. Sanjay Mishra has played the role of a master and has shown that he is also a master in acting. Neena Gupta has tried to be as real as possible.

One scene is that Master Sahib is massaging his wife’s knees. Suddenly, when she gets a call, she gets up from the cot. In that wake up, Neena Gupta shows how big an actress she is. However, in one or two places they are also a bit fake. When Sanjay Mishra is caught by goons. They are evacuating their houses and they are caught by goons. So Reena Gupta comes running to the door and shouts loudly. There’s very little loudness in them. He has done an amazing job in the role of police officer Shakti Singh.

His eyes are a very strong actor. Expressive eyes and their use have also been done well by humans. We have seen Saurabh Sachdeva in the role of Suleiman Isa of Secret Games before. He has immersed himself in the role of Prajapati Pandey. Excellent? You hate them. His character is such that it seems that he can do anything the next moment. This has brought alive the possibility of being able to do anything.


vadh movie 2
vadh movie 2

I want to see them do more and do good work. Sanjay Mishra’s son. Diwakar has also done the right thing, he has used acting salt according to taste in a small role. Now the last thing is that the ending of the film could have been better. The end of the slaughter does not do justice to such good content. It seems that some things have been forcibly shown to justify.

I have a special complaint with the film, but often you people make a complaint in the comments. Tell me clearly whether you should watch the film or not? Today I am telling you clearly. Look at the very right movie.

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