Vaalvi Movie | Overview, Story Plot, Facts – Review

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So why this film has been named Vaalvi exactly, you will know in the climax of the film, but after watching this movie, I must say that when I make a list of top ten movies in this year’s ending, Vaalvi movies will definitely be a part of that list.

The story of the movie is that a husband wife has an affair outside and he wants to kill the wife by planning and wants to show that the wife committed suicide, now everything is going according to the plan that it comes in interval.

A strong twist such a twist that you can predict yourself, believe and enter just after the interval, Subodh Bhabhi’s mother this man is jam, the way the story progresses after her entry, it creates tension and curiosity in you.

Vaalvi Movie – Namrata Awate Sambherao, Subodh Bhave, Anita Date Kelkar


Also, the level of human and comedy situation shown in this film, not that murders are happening in front of you, the situation is going from serious to worst condition and your laughter is not stopping, after watching the movie, I saw the trailer and in the trailer of I Found, they have not revealed the slightest.

In the movie, these people are going to leave on the bomb, the movie is only around two and a half hours, that is, very less than two hours and from the beginning to the literally last second of the film, this movie keeps you tied to the seat and I mean it till the last second because the climax that is shown.

Brother, that PJ says that I was sold, it was sold, I have so much power in this film that if I speak honestly, I will definitely go to see this film again, neither is there any song in this movie nor is there a forced drama only and only terrific story line and terrific actors brother, after watching this film, your money will be recovered.

Every actor of the film has played his character in such a way that it does not seem that they are acting, every situation seems to be very real life due to his acting performances, tension and suspense are built up by the first half, which has light humor.

He says that according to the taste, comedy is just as much as it was necessary for that situation and in the second half, such a mixture of ten plus suspense plus dark comedy has been placed in front of you that you will say in the last that wow what a movie you have seen today.

To be honest, this is called entertainment and that day is not far from the Marathi industry and that day will not be far when Bollywood people will fall behind it so that they can remake it Mark my words but if you know a little Marathi then you can not miss it, nor is there any kind of vulgar scene in this film, nor is there any kind of vulgar scene this is the whole family entertainer.

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