Thunivu Day 7 Box Office Collection

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The film Thunivu, which is directed by H Vinod and Thalajit Kumar’s film Thunivu, is also seen making many records at the box office. The film got one of the biggest openings of the year and earned Rs 25 crore on its first day at the Tamil box office.

In the first four days, the film had crossed the Rs 60 crore mark, while on its fifth day, the film earned Rs 11 crore 90 lakh, on the sixth day, the film’s collection i.e. yesterday in its first Monday.

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The film earned Rs 10 crore, while today the film is earning about Rs 8 crore at the box office on its seventh day. The first seven days collection of Indian Net has reached Rs 85 crore at the box office.




Veera Simha Reddy

From overseas, the film has crossed the Rs 45 crore mark, while on All India Gross, the film has crossed the figure of about Rs 100 crore, so the film has earned Rs 150 crore in just the first seven days and has been included in the list of one of the biggest grosser films of Thalajit Kumar’s career. Do let us know in the comments as well as follow us to get more such updates.

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