Thai Massage Movie | Overview, Story Plot, Facts – Review

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thai massage
thai massage

A new film has come on Netflix, its name is Thai Massage, although the film was in theaters at the end of two thousand twenty-two, but it has come online now and last year people came and went did not pay attention to it, I had to review it earlier but I am doing it now.

The last film that was made was Malal Sanjay Bhansali’s film Productions, but his real identity was the film, which came in 2008, his debut film Pyari Si Marathi film Ting Gaya Ek Bachcha and his bull love story he became ill.

The people of the house want to sell him and he wants to save him. Apart from this, he also made a film called Indian Circus, his second film was to go to many film festivals. Nawaz’s break out year’s film was gajraj Rao has worked in the film Sunny Hindu Jadu Sharma has worked Rajpal Yadav Ukraine actress Russian actress Aleena Jasubena has worked in it.


Thai Massage Movie – Gajraj Rao, Divyendu Sharma, Sunny Hinduja

thai massage
thai massage

Sharad Vyas Ida Ali and others are also seen in the roles, the best acting kisses, gajraj rao’s acting Sunny Hindu Jha and Rajpal Yadav’s scenes are very good, their work is very good. Conservative society is its family.

In the end, what is his reaction and in the end, what does the film also say, he gets to see it in it, it is an amazing film, it is a rare film of its kind, Hindi, especially on this subject, before this, a film has talked like this, not only Hindi but also in any foreign language film, I do not remember who has done this from the beginning. As long as it keeps you engaged

It tickles you everywhere, but its laughter is not a generic laugh, not a forced laugh, quality laughter is a quality laugh, ah writing through out is very sharp, smart, simple, easy, there are no worn-out things at all, balanced and but effective things are new things. But there is a price

If there is a sex comedy, then it can be anything, it can have nude scenes, there can be abuses in it, there may be things that if you sit with the family, you may have to close your eyes. It happens that it is useless.

Despite such a vocal subject, the film is not hidden anywhere, it is not vulgar anywhere. Look at your eyes and there’s nothing like that. Very rarely I have seen that someone has made such a film with a lot of grace on such a subject. And you have dealt with the subject very gracefully. Apart from this, the most special thing about the film is that the subject that it has raised has not been raised by anyone before.

And the subject is very important. There are millions of people around us who go through a stern situation, go through an age frame and we have put them in a garland zone and this topic is that what is the sex life of the elderly? And what is the taboo attached to it that is hesitantly attached?

It is not only about the sex clip of the mind of the elderly, but what they feel, how they need someone’s just support, loneliness is in their mind, it is in different situations and the subject of this method has a great impact when it reaches people through the most powerful cinema medium of communication.

Back to back, we keep watching movies, watching series, but we probably do not realize that a wiki donor, a Thai massage, a doctor, a gentleman, someone more careful, some congratulations have a significant impact on a very wide society. These are all difficult but necessary films of social reform.

Through entertainment communication, it ticks down the things that change. And it happened slowly. It is still happening and it has proved to be a good thing for the betterment of the society. Overall, you must see it. And especially look for the elderly in your house, seeing that you will be able to change yourself,

Your behavior towards the elders of the house will change, the behavior of compassion and care will be yours, if you pass by, you will find that I could not think many things about this person, I could not see many things.

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