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Srikar Bharat was born on 3 October 1993 in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India. His father’s name is Shriman Srinivasa Rao ji, who is currently working in the novel postyard, his mother’s name is Mrs. Kona Devi Ji, who is currently a housewife. He also has a sister named Manoghana Lokesh. His wife’s name is Anjali ji, he got married in the year 10 after their 2010-year relationship. He received his early education from Andhra Pradesh.


Srikar Bharat

Real Name – Srikar Bharat
Born – Father’s Name –
Srinivasa Rao Ji Mother’s Name – Mrs. Kona Devi Ji

Sister’s Name – Name Of The
Wife – Anjali
Location – He is a South Indian cricketer from

Education – Andhra Pradesh who started playing cricket from the age of 3.
He played for Andhra Pradesh from Under-1993 to Under-10.
Today, he plays all kinds of ODIs and IPL matches.

Education of Srikar Bharat

He (Srikar Bharat) did his early education from Andhra Pradesh, later he started taking interest in cricket and further studies he came into this world is not known. If you want to know more about their education, watch the video of a news channel on YouTube.

Career of Srikar Bharat

Although Srikar Bharat had caught the cricket bat from the age of 10, he first debuted for Andhra Pradesh on 19 February 20 at the age of 2012, in the List A category, this game was against the Vijay Hazare Trophy, with the passage of time, he again played like Andhra Pradesh in the first class in the Ranji Trophy match in the year 2012-13. He scored 8 and 38 runs in both his innings against Kerala, as well as 3 catches as a wicket-keeper.

In the year 2014-15, he again scored a triple century against Goa in the Ranji Trophy season, becoming the first wicketkeeper batsman to do so. He scored 311 runs in 308 balls, including 38 fours and 6 sixes. In 2015, when the IPL selectors caught the eye of the people, they bought them at a base price of 10 lakhs, but unfortunately they did not get a chance to play in that match, later their performance was good and they started being bought as expensive players.

  • In IPL 2020, Sreekar was bought by the Bangalore team for 20 lakhs.
  • Later, on 20 September 2021, he got a chance to play his debut match against Kolkata in Abu Dhabi.

Interesting Information –

  • Sreekar is currently considered a good player of the Indian team.
  • The 27-28-year-old Sreekar is considered to be dhoni’s successor in the world of cricket.
  • He has played very well in India A and Ranji matches before.
  • He has scored more than 11 runs in 700 matches for India.
  • His open assets – about 2 crores.
  • Their coach is J Krishna Rao.

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