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In good childhood, when we were afraid, what did the elders say? Oh leave it, smile a little man, fear that everything will disappear. But if this laugh becomes the reason for your fear, then what will you do boss? If you are a fan of horror films, you will also say thank you after watching the film. But a small warning this film is not at all for those with weak hearts.



Watch at your own risk. Later, the story starts with a hospital where a strange patient has come who is seeing something that the rest of the world does not see. But what is even scarier than that, know that the thing is constantly talking about killing himself by laughing loudly at him. And then this madness turns into truth exactly a minute later.


Smile Movie – Sosie Bacon, Jessie T Usher, Kyle Gallner

When this girl cuts her throat completely with a piece of glass in front of the doctor and there is only laughter on her face. No fear, no pain. Seeing someone kill himself in front of his eyes, after that a person cannot be normal, even if he is a doctor. But the real fear begins when.

When this doctor starts seeing that laughing thing everywhere and forces himself to kill himself. Then comes the biggest twist of the film when the curtain is removed from a terrible one. Actually, that hospital girl was not the first case, like her, twenty more people have killed themselves in a strange way. And when they die, this same laugh sticks on everyone’s face.

And yes, whoever sees this laugh with his own eyes while dying, the next number comes from him. Life is over in just seven days, not a second more than that. You will laugh at luck that now this doctor himself becomes a patient in that hospital. Where once she used to treat people but now she is forced to get her own brain treated.

But hello sir, don’t make the mistake of thinking of it as just a disease. Just like your doctor madam did and what was the result? A monster emerges from behind this laugh to realize your fear. Whose appearance is so terrible that once he has seen it, he will never forget for the rest of his life. Look, I am not afraid of minor things myself but the smile shown in the climax of this film.

Oh my god literally my heart came in the hands, I am not making fun of me, smile, why should you see it, know here there is no fear of eyes, here is fear of mind. The story is the most frightening, the thought behind it, shake you, such a concept has not been seen in any film before.

You must have seen ghosts etc. in such forms till today, wear white clothes, put mascara on your eyes, just got the ghost of the ghost ready boss smile, you can not imagine how scary it is, that scene in which his entry will be equal to a hundred horror films. The director has played something in the film with the camera in such a way that the horror factor increases a hundred times.

I don’t know who came out of even a minor scene, in every scene you will be forced to sit with your fists tied and the most favorite to watch the film is mine because some people want to watch Hollywood movies but they have a little hand tight in English.

So brother smile you will get to see in Hindi dubbing, enjoy full in your language, what to fear from English, fear the film my friend. You will get to see smile on Amazon Prime, it is fine, but I am saying again that the weak heart people are far away.

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