Shivani Kumari Salary, Cast, Biography, Wikipedia, Mobile Number, Youtube & More

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shivani kumari (5)
shivani kumari (5)

Shivani Kumar is a social media star of India, she has earned a lot of name at a very young age, today the whole country has started to know her.


Shivani Kumari | Salary, Cast, Biography, Wikipedia, Mobile Number, Youtube & More info

shivani kumari (3)
shivani kumari (3)

Shivani Kumari was born on September 18, 2000, in Aryari village of Auraiya district of Uttar Pradesh. He is a social media star, he has made a splash on TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram, he is a very good artist, so now he should come in films or serials. In the coming time, they are also going to get offers like Sanchita Basu, it can also go to the world of films and TV, all these are the talents of our eyes that we all should respect.


Shivani Kumari

shivani kumari
shivani kumari

All their social media accounts are in the name of @shivanikumari321, nowadays many fake accounts are also created by people, keep in mind that. It is said that her career started with TikTok modeling, which has become quite popular today, today she has become a follower in millions, now a lot of news has started coming in tv media about her, recently she also went to Shimla. The number of followers on TikTok has exceeded 3 million and on Instagram, there are more than 1 million followers, while on other social sites too, they have a lot of followers.

At the moment, Shivani is single, it is said that Rishab is her boyfriend. These two are very good friends, this information is not confirmed by , there is information from media reports and news.


In Shivani Kumari’s family –

shivani kumari (4)
shivani kumari (4)

He is survived by his father, mother, a brother and four sisters. His village is in Auraiya district of Uttar Pradesh, which is near Dibiyapur.


Shivani Kumari’s Social Media Career

shivani kumari
shivani kumari

Shivani Kumari has been making videos on TikTok since the year 2019, from here she started her career, later she was active on many social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, even today she is active on social media.

There is a short story about her, she once went to the market with her friends, where she bought slippers for herself, while coming back, she made a video in rural language and uploaded it, this video of her became so viral that in 24 hours more than 1 million people watched it, this is the biggest factor in being popular.


Shivani Kumar’s Education

shivani kumari (2)
shivani kumari (2)

Talking about the information related to her education, she studies in Debiarpur Asani. She has just passed 12th standard, has taken admission in college from this year, in the coming days, she can also go to the world of medeling, TV and films, if she gets a good offer, she can also do a lot of good things like the rest of tiktok stars.


Interesting Information –

shivani kumari
shivani kumari
  • Shivani hails from Uttar Pradesh.
  • She can become a good star in the coming days.
  • She lives in Ariyari village of Uttar Pradesh.
  • She also uses rustic language in her videos.
  • His father is a farmer and mother is a housewife.
  • She loves her parents very much.
  • Their nature is also very good.
  • Shivani is a slightly funny kind of girl.
  • They also add paid, sometimes oil and sometimes sempu.
  • They also have channels on YouTube, where they are also very popular.
  • People gave a lot of love to his video, due to which it became quite popular.
  • She always thanks her viewer.
  • Recently, she went to Shimla with her people.
  • Many people also call her Shivani ma’am.


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