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salaam venky
salaam venky

Salaam Venky Movie Review: First of all, Sujata and Venky are the central directors of the film Sujata Venky. Hmm Venky has a muscle disorder, what happens in it that the cells of your muscle are lost, after a point, when he is born, the doctor tells him that his mother will not live much. Now assume that it will last fifteen sixteen years, but it lives for twenty-four years.


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Salaam Venky Movie – Aamir Khan, Kajol, Priyamani

salaam venky movie 4
salaam venky movie 4

Then at one point it happens that his health starts deteriorating, suddenly hmm and doctor say that now there is no recovery from here, now it can be death anytime, now Rinki’s wish is that in such a situation, i want to give it to me, so that my organs can be of use to anyone. Try to make your son try on his own, no matter how he is a mother.


In some way, his law system will not accept it, he will not allow euthanasia, then the story runs on whether Rinky’s wish is fulfilled or not, the whole journey goes on, okay, so now as you told that there is Winky in it, Sujata, then who is playing this, that is, what is the cast, tell me what is the role of Sujata Kajol. Hmm and Venky who are his sons have become Vishal Jethwa Vishal Jetha, you must have seen Vishal Jetha in Mardaani Two, okay he who was the villain.

He was very highlighted from there, yes, so I have a lot of actors in this film like Rahul Bose, Prakash Raj, Ahana Kuma, Rajeev Khandelwal, Aamir’s candidate, yes exactly yes, I will tell about him that what character he is small, it is a small role, but main characters are vishal and he runs on the whole story Kajol, the character of Kajol. It was a very mature demand.

From Kajol’s character that she shows maturity, she knows that the son’s health has deteriorated and there is no time, but still she keeps hope, hmm son says that brother, if I have less time, then I will not survive or joke, we interrupt her about it as if naina does not do such things in our house. Don’t say these things because you know that this has to happen, hmm, then that maturity is visible, it is given.


salaam venky movie 2
salaam venky movie 2

Vishal had this that vishal means that the one who is venky, ok vishal who is with Venky, that his dialogues decrease by coming to a point, hmm because he becomes a problem of speaking, his muscles do not work and then at one point it also happens that expression also goes down because beyond muscle. It also gets stiff, what is Vishal called when it comes to a point?


That you can’t even speak limited things, now you can’t express so well, then you can do it, what vishal says, he uses full potential in limited things, he does not feel that he lacks resources, okay Vishal and Kajol are highlighting the whole film and what is the role of Aamir, but Kajol considers him as her old friend, just a little bit. Keep coming in the scenes, you will see in the film, I have not seen the movie, but I have seen the trailer.


So many people wrote in it, brother, if you go to watch the movie, then take a lot with you or it is going to be very emotional, the movie is really so much that you will have to cry, see the movie man, now at this point, I will cover both the good and bad things of the film on it, yes perfect that I also saw the trailer. The concept of death is not easy

And it is a very heavy topic, you will show it with full sensitivity, only then that message can reach, the film is sensitive, it is not sensitive about your message, if you start making fun of it, then make fun of it, that character is like Anand, that life should be big, not long, yes in that philosophy, this line is also said in the trailer and lives like Shah Rukh.


salaam venky movie 3
salaam venky movie 3

Brother, you are in bed, on support on ventilators and the girl is going to the ventilator and the girl means there is a test, she says that it is a spirit, she is not allowed to cross the line that you make fun of the thing of death, become insensitive that if someone is dying, then yes it is completely good, but one problem starts happening in this. have

After one point, take your messaging that yes organ donation is a good thing, it is a good thing, it saves people’s lives, so at one point it seems that you do not come to the message, yes, it was a mix up, the problem of the film was so that you just felt the same thing, meaning I had more as if I had a complaint with music.

There are emotional films, we remember their music, yes, this song was so sold touching, it became emotional, it is not able to work, music music works in reverse, meaning there is no song that you think that comes after watching the movie and you happen, many times you search what that song was, you will remember two words.

If you put it on YouTube and then listen to that song, then there is no such song, man, I am sorry but there is no such song, the background music from above is also very distracted of the film, are you playing an emotional scene, suddenly Guru ji came in it, hmm Veena started playing, typed it. From this thing, I feel one more thing, like you just told me that when Guru ji came, veena started ringing.

Yes, it seems a little like when you are watching a movie, you start imagining yourself in the situation or start relating a lot, but when this happens, then you feel not good – no you get back to your place yes or no man, we have just come to see a movie you are more relaxed or it seems like a lot. It’s been scripted.

Everything absolutely – absolutely that connection of feeling yes exactly does not feel connection, you become an outsider and you can see that story, you can’t be in that story, ok that was distracting, music was very much, that means these two things mainly you complain about writing and writing direction music, I basically complained about writing and writing direction music. I basically had the problem of writing that the film was sensible.

Just show him how it gets mixed up, where to start scenes, where to end, there was no clarity in it, ok, any scene is starting from somewhere, then it does not come in the middle, it does not even have to be shown, so that scene did not come in the middle, now it was also given, well that whole screenplay was inconsistent, meaning you Can you say?

It was that Ajay Devgan has praised Kajol a lot and he has done a very good job in it, he meant Kajol, what would he say to you, it meant kajal was incontrol, both Kajol and Vishal remain incontrol all the time.

It is not like this that the character is baked or gone by itself, yes, as it means an image has been set, in the beginning of the film, this mother is like this, this son is like this, yes, he is in control in the whole film, then both of them were in control, then after the movie, now tell me that if I am your good friend then if I have told you Where am I going to Yemen?

salaam venky movie 1
salaam venky movie 1

If you watch this movie today, will you tell me that yes go or you will say that you can not let it go, let this one stay, let this one stay, man, I do not hesitate to watch a movie or not, I can see you, make your opinion then

Yes, but I could not hit me so much in my opinion, then as much as I thought that it will happen with messaging, then it will be mixed up, for me it means that there is no movie of that type that you can not miss at all, yes it is not like that. You can also leave, that one can also be the point is absolutely your thing.

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