Rishabh Pant – Biography, Wife, Family, Career & Success

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Today You Will Know About The Life Of Indian Cricketer Rishabh Pant And His Cricket Career. Rishabh Pant Is A Cricketer Who Has Seen A Lot Of Ups And Downs In The Journey From Bhandare Food To Join The Indian Cricket Team To Fill His Stomach.

But When He Joined The Indian Team Due To Good Performance, He Did Not Leave Any Kind Of Shortcomings On His Behalf And Left His Mark All Over The World Due To His Excellent Performance.

Due To Which Rishabh Became Popular Not Only In India But All Over The Country And Abroad. So Today You Will Know Indian Cricketer Rishabh Pant Biography And Rishabh Pant Career.


Rishabh Pant

Full Name Rishabh Pant
Date Of Birth 8 October 1997 (Haridwar, Uttarakhand)
Parents Saroj Pant/Rajendra Prasad
Girlfriend Isha Negi
Profession Indian Cricketer
Homeplace Haridwar Uttarakhand
Nationality Indian/Indian


Rishabh Pant Biography

Rishabh Pant Is An Indian Cricketer Who Is Commonly Known For Batting, Along With The Left-Handed Batsman, Rishabh Pant Also Plays The Role Of Wicketkeeper For The Indian Team.

Risabh Pant Has Played An Important Role In The Indian Team Due To His Superb Batting. Due To Which It Is Part Of The Important Players Of The Indian Team.

Not Only This, While Performing His Batting, He Has Done Many Records And Such Feats Which Will Be Difficult For Anyone To Think, Today He Has Achieved Such An Achievement Due To Which It Is Popular All Over The World.


Rishabh Pant Family

Rishabh Pant Was Born On 8 October 1997 In Haridwar, Uttarakhand. His Father’s Name Is Rajendra Prasad, While His Mother’s Name Is Saroj Pant, Who Is A Housewife.

He Also Has An Elder Sister In The Family Whose Name Is Sakshi Pant.

Once Rishabh Pant Had Told In His Interview That There Was A Time In Life Where I Used To Eat Bhandare Food To Fill My Stomach And Stay In The Gurudwara To Spend The Night.


Rishabh Pant Career

Rishabh Pant Was A Quiet Child, Due To Which He Did Not Insist On Taking Anything From The Family, But He Was So Fond Of Cricket.

Due To Which He Used To Scold The Family For Playing Cricket For A Long Time In His Childhood. And Sometimes They Were Beaten Up.

But His Attachment To Cricket Was Very Deep. Rishabh Pant Received His Education From The Indian Public School In Dehradun.

But He Did Not Feel Much Interest In Studies, But Rishabh Pant Did Not Let The Dream Of Becoming A Cricketer Be Broken.


He Started Training To Learn Professional Cricket And Went To Rajasthan On The Advice Of His Coach, Where He Started Under-14 And Under-16.

But Due To Discrimination, Rishabh Left The Rajasthan Team And Came To Delhi And Started In The Ranji Trophy While Playing For Delhi In 2015 And Was Included In The Under-19 World Cup Due To His Excellent Performance.

Due To His Good Performance, He Played His First IPL Match With Delhi Capitals In The Year 2016. Where He Left His Mark In The Hearts Of All The People While Batting Brilliantly And People Started Knowing Him As A Great Batsman.


International Cricket Debut

After Showing His Prowess In The IPL, It Was Now The Turn Of International Cricket. Due To Which He Started His T20 Cricket Career Against The England Team On 1 February 2017.

But His Fans Were A Little Disappointed Due To Not Performing Well, But Due To His Excellent Performance In Domestic Cricket, He Again Put His Ability In Front Of The People.


Due To His Good Performance, He Started His Test Career On 18 August 2018 And Again Appeared In Front Of The Public, Due To Which He Started His ODI Career Against The West Indies On 21 October 2018.

And Played An Important Role For The Indian Team, Due To Which He Started Praising Worldwide And Managed To Be An Important Part In The Indian Cricket Team.

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