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Rajesh Khanna was an Indian politician, producer and producer. He was born on 29 December 1942 in Amritsar, Punjab, India, his father’s name was Lala Hiranand (Biological Father, Headmaster), Chunnilal Khanna was his adoptive father. His mother’s name was Chandrarani Khanna (biological mother), Lilavati Khanna was his adopted mother, Kamala was his sister, Dimple Kapadia, (actress, divorce April 1982) is his wife. Twinkle Khanna (interior designer, actress) is their only daughter.

There was a time when Rajesh Khanna’s uncle Chunni Lal Khanna adopted him, as his parents were unable to raise him. Later, the same Rajesh Khanna earned so much name and money in the world that no one stood in front of him.

Rajesh Khanna

  • Real Name – Jatin Khanna (Film Name – Rajesh Khanna)
  • Nickname – Kaka, the first Indian superstar
  • Date of Birth : 29 December 1942
  • Place of Birth – Amritsar, Punjab, India
  • Height – 173 Cm
  • Profession – Actor, Producer, Politician
  • Zodiac Sign – Capricorn
  • Nationality – Indian
  • First debut film – Akhri Khat (1966)
  • Playback Singer- “O Mere Sajna O Mere Balma” (Baharon Ke Sapne) with Lata Mangeshkar
  • In the year 1984, Rajesh Khanna started campaigning for the Indian National Congress.
  • Religion – Hindu
  • Address – Aashirwad, Carter Road, Bandra, Mumbai
  • Hobbies – Reading horoscopes, cooking
  • Guru Dutt, Dilip Kumar were his favorite heroes.
  • Meena Kumari, Geeta Bali were the heroines of her choice.
  • Red was his favorite color.
  • Date of Death : 28 july 2012 (in 69 years)
  • Cause of Death – Cancer
  • Place of Residence – Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • Riyasat was Rajesh’s last film.
  • Marital Status – Married
  • Date of Marriage – March 1973
  • Dimple Kapadia, (Actress, Divorce April 1982)
  • Children – Twinkle Khanna (Interior Designer, Actress) and Rinki Khanna (Actress)

Rajesh Khanna Education –

Rajesh Khanna did his early education from St. Sebastian’s Goan High School, Mumbai, after which Rajesh did his early education from Naoroji Wadia College, Pune and K.C. College. He graduated in Arts from The College, Mumbai.

Rajesh Khanna Career –

Rajesh Khanna started his career with the film Akhri Khat in the year 1966, after which he also worked as a playback singer a few days later, in the year 1984, he also campaigned for the Congress party in politics.

Rajesh Khanna had done more than one film in his film career, his films were so good, that when it was in the hall, people did not get tickets, many people did not even get tickets for cinema. He was the superstar hero of his time. Now he is not in this world but his films still remind all of us.

It is said that Rajesh Khanna’s folk famous song “Roop Tera Mastana” (Aradhana 1969) was filmed in a single shot.

In a career spanning 45 years, Rajesh Khanna acted in around 180 films.

Rajesh Khanna Hit Movies

  • First Film – Akhri Khat (1966)
  • cut kite
  • bliss
  • Eternal love
  • journey
  • Elephant my companion
  • I swear to you
  • Two ways
  • stranger
  • cook
  • incarnation
  • coincidence
  • Prem Nagar
  • salt haram
  • paradise
  • The Train
  • co-wife
  • rough estimate
  • enemy
  • love story
  • Dharma Fork
  • Last letter
  • If you weren’t
  • a respectable man
  • After all, why?
  • gift
  • Today’s MLA Ram Avatar
  • fate
  • limit
  • Riyasat (final film)

Interesting facts about Rajesh Khanna (Rajesh Khanna )

  • Some of his films also used to be painful songs, which are still heard today.
  • During school days, Rajesh Khanna and Jitendra Kumar (actor) used to go to study together.
  • At the age of 18, Rajesh Khanna used to have an MG sports car with which he used to go for shooting. His father used to have even better and expensive cars which Rajesh used.
  • Rajesh Khanna wanted to marry Anju Mahendru but she did not agree to them, after which Rajesh married Dimple Kapadia, at the time of marriage Rajesh had passed through the same road where Anju Mahendu’s house was.
  • Rajesh Khanna has played dual roles in 12 films, these films are Raj, Aradhana, Dharma aur Kanoon, Kudrat, Sacha Jhootha, Humshakal, Hum Doon, Uche Log, Mehbooba, Bhola Bhala, Dard and Mahachor.
  • Rajesh Khanna’s films made with actress Mumtaz were super hits.
  • In the last 3 decades of his career, Rajesh Khanna acted in only 20 films.
  • He lived with music director Kishore Kumar in the presentation and recording of songs from his films.
  • Kishore Kumar has sung most of the songs for Rajesh Khanna.
  • His pyre was lit by his nine-year-old grandson Aarav with the help of Akshay Kumar.
  • A filmography (encyclopedia) book has been written on Rajesh Khanna, which contains a collection of all his films.


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