Rahul Tewatia – Biography, Wife, Family, Career & Success

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Friends, The Cricketer We Are Going To Talk About Today Is Not Only Known By His Name But Is Making A Name For Himself In Cricket For His Strong Batting.

It Was Very Difficult For Him To Travel From A Small Village To The World Of Cricket, But Today That Cricketer Has Found His Identity Not Only In India But Also In The Country And Abroad.

Yes, We Are Talking About Rahul Tewatia, Who Made A Name For Himself In The IPL, Who Has Left His Mark In The Hearts Of IPL Fans In Just A Few Years Of His IPL. So Let’s Know The Journey Of Rahul Tewatia To Become A Cricket Career.


Rahul Tewatia Also Known As Tewatia Is An Indian Cricketer Who Was Born On 20 May 1953 In Faridabad, Haryana. He Plays A Role As A Left-Handed Batsman And Right-Arm Leg Break Bowler.

He Plays For His Home Team Haryana And IPL Team Gujarat Titans. He Started His IPL Career With Rajasthan Royals. And While Playing For Rajasthan Royals In 2020.

Rahul Tewatia Hit 5 Sixes In An Over Against Punjab, After Which He Made This Match In His Team’s Pocket.

Rahul Tewatia

Name Rahul Tewatia
Nickname The Iceman
Date Of Birth On May 20, 1953 (Haryana)
Profession Cricketer
Parents Krishna Pal Tewatia – Mother – Not Known
Age 30 Years (2023)
Net-Worth $9 Million
Wife Riddhi Pannu
IPL Team Gujarat Titans
Jersey Number #14
Religion Hindu
Nationality Indian


Biography Of Rahul Tewatia

Rahul Tewatia, Who Increased His Status In The IPL, Started His Cricket Career With Haryana In The Ranji Trophy In 2013.

Rahul Tewatia’s Performance In The Ranji Trophy Was Spectacular, After Which The Selectors Tested Rahul Tewatia And 2014 Was The Year When Rahul Tewatia Was Made A Part Of The IPL I.E.

Indian Premier League. Rahul Tewatia Was Included In The 2014 Kings XI Punjab Team After Being A Part Of The Rajasthan Royals Team From 2014 To 2015.


But This Season Was Also Not Very Special For Him And Rahul Tewatia Was Not Happy With His Performance But He Improved His Cricketing Skills.

After Which Rahul Tewatia Got A Chance To Join A New Team Of IPL, Delhi Daredevils. The Talk Is In The Year 2018, When Rahul Tewatia Was Seen Playing For The Delhi Team.

This Season Was Better For Him Than The Previous IPL Season. After This, Rahul Tewatia Made Further Changes In His Game And Improved The Qualities Of His Cricket, After Which His Hard Work Came.


Rahul Tewatia 5 Sixes

Rahul Tewatia Got Real Recognition In The IPL When He Was Included In The IPL Team Rajasthan Royals Again In 2020, He Scored Many Runs And Wickets For This Team.

Which Benefited His Team. Not Only This, Rahul Tewatia Did Such A Feat This Season, Which No One Would Have Thought That Such A Star Would Also Bat In The Future.


In 2020, Rahul Tewatia, Playing For His Team Rajasthan Royals, Batted Brilliantly Against Punjab By Hitting 5 Sixes In An Over On The Bowling Of Shoulder Cantrell And Did This Match In His Team’s Pocket.

After This, Rahul Tewatia Got A New Identity Where Tewatia’s Confidence Increased Even More. After This, Rahul Tewatia Got A Chance To Play For The Rajasthan Royals Team Again In The Year 2021 And This Season Too.


Rahul Tewatia’s Bat Went Up Where He Scored A Lot Of Runs For His Team And Also Took A Lot Of Wickets.

In The Role Of An All-Rounder, Rahul Tewatia Was Included In The New IPL Team Gujarat Titans In The 2022 IPL Mega Option. Here Too, Runs Came Out From Rahul Tewatia’s Bat.

Due To Joining The Gujarat Titans Team, Rahul Tewatia Did A Feat For This Team, Which The Whole Team Did Not Even Know That This Match Could Also Be Won.

As The New Star Of IPL

Rahul Tewatia, Playing For Gujarat Titans, Needed 12 Runs Off The Last Two Balls Against Punjab.

Then He Made This Impossible Task Possible By Scoring 2 Runs In The Last Two Balls Against Punjab. And Proved To Be Effective In Winning Matches For His Team.

Today, Rahul Tewatia Has Made A Name For Himself In The IPL As Well As Joins The Heater Batsman Who Takes The Game In His Grip As A Finisher.

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