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Qala Movie Review: You must have heard a lot of praise for the voice of the cuckoo till date, but after listening to which, perhaps if this cuckoo was a human being, you would have put him in jail and a hundred and two hundred cases would have been going on in the court. The cuckoo never makes its own nest, it always puts its egg in another bird’s nest.

That too when the bird has gone to find food for its real children and listen as soon as the cuckoo’s child comes out of the egg, it throws the rest of the eggs down one after the other so that its survival becomes easier. Now why am I telling you this strange story, because Boss Bollywood has woken up and a dangerous film has come on this cuckoo concept.


Qala Movie – Triptii Dimri, Babil Khan, Swastika Mukherjee


As cute as the name of the art film sounds small and modest, its concept is as scary, terrible but special type. The story is of a famous singer who is running the magic of her voice in the film industry. The director has made the Prime Minister of the country his fan, the photo has also appeared in the paper. But there is also a person in the whole world, who does not like singer Sahiba’s voice at all.

On the contrary, so much hatred that I do not even want to hear hello on the phone. This man is none other than his own mother, who has actually been a famous singer of his time, now life would have passed easily in sour and sweet things if a ghost did not enter this story.

The one who was pushed down from the nest by Koyal Sahiba but his soul wants to take revenge, you know how in return, kill the cuckoo himself and force him to kill himself with his own hands. Won’t be able to remove

You have been prepared so closely, what is the biggest feature that you know that the film is not made for just one category. Horror, suspense, thriller, mystery that you want to find will be found, fits into the story of this film. Have you ever thought that the music of a film can scare you more than ghosts etc. If the answer is no, then definitely give art a chance.

Musical horror, yes, it is a different kind of experiment in which there will be fear but the satisfaction of watching good cinema will be very loud. Amit Trivedi Diniers: I don’t have words left for them anymore. Everyone makes us laugh and cry with music.

This guy is scared. It is giving sir. Now look at the concept, I have told you that it is based on the strange story of cuckoo, which must have been a lot of fun to listen to. Isn’t it? Think of putting the snowy background of Kashmir behind it and hypnotizing cinematography that dominates the eyes is going to give these short eyes a paradise.

Understand and to take care of your mind, the clever story line is also hidden inside the film because you have not seen anything like this before, what will happen in the next scene, how will the story end, wait zero idea, surprise and then go to the climax and realize that the two hours we saw are nothing else.

We all had our own story which has been happening around us since childhood. Male, female discrimination is nothing new, it was fifty years ago, it will continue even after fifty years. But presenting it in such a ghostly way establishes both the smartness and warning at the same time of director Madam Anvita Dutt. And their biggest weapon. The casting of this film has chosen the actors boss.

The film is special not only from the outside but also from the inside. Trupti is in the lead and in every scene you can only bow your head in front of her. Quit acting, the prisoner brought the character of art to life. Living the life of a musician, that too seventy-eight years back, ninety-nine percent of the actress gets stuck in over-acting, badly but on the face of satisfaction, you can read the story of this whole film.

Babil, this man is a horse of a long race, write it down, you do not have a lead here, he is supporting, but the film is incomplete without him. Content is the king Irrfan Sahab is the champion of this statement and Babil is going to follow the same path, this film is the biggest proof of that boss.

Swastika Mukherjee is very underrated, brings culture with her, it becomes a bonus, here too for any film, she is responsible in the film, you will not be able to ignore to bring out a lot of thoughts inside your mind, even for a second, then the boss will get art from my side, four out of five stars, first, then this concept is the fear of the mind, second cinematography boss. It is the one of the best films of 2022 in visuals.

On the one hand, people are trapped in the story and also explain the real-life message from behind.

In the negatives, there would have been a little more detail inside the story, so those who are watching the film from above, they would get more entertainment by not relating to its deep message. For example, the character of Babil was used less. And the story of Swastika left to public imagination. A little detail was made. According to me, the film should have been longer for half an hour. These are all small things.

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