Pathan vs Bahubali 2 Box Office Collection Advance Booking 2023

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pathan movie
pathan movie

The beginning of the year should be explosive. Shah Rukh Khan’s film Pathan is going to be released in theaters on January 25. Which is in the most discussions at this time and fans were eagerly waiting for this much awaited film of Shah Rukh Khan.

And this wait is going to end after exactly two days. Advance bookings of the Pathan film are on the rise and there are still two days left for the film to release. Advance booking of Pathan film has broken all big records and even it has managed to make the highest booking among Bollywood’s pandemic films.

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And there are still two days to release the film and for two days, advance booking of Pathan film will continue and friends, the advance booking of Pathan film here has also competed with SS Rajamuli’s Bahubali 2 and Prashant Dil’s KGF Chapter TWO. Prabhas’ film has made very strong records, which are very difficult to break.


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And if I talk about the advance Hindi of Bahubali 2 film, friends, Prabhas’s film Bahubali 2 had made an advance booking of Rs 37 crore fifty lakh and that too in just Hindi and the first day box office collection of the film was about Rs 41 crore and I am telling you this Hindi language.

We have not added any other language or overseas to it. Now friends, pathan film has so far made total advance booking and there are still two days left in advance booking of the film. Will Bahubali 2 record be broken, so let’s talk

Let me tell you that this film has been made under the direction of Siddharth Anand, in which John Abraham and Deepika Padukone are also going to be seen along with Shah Rukh Khan and the film is to be released exactly two days later on January 25. The advance booking of the film is going on for the fifth day today and the film has made a lot of advance booking collection.


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Friends, yes, the report I am giving you so far, if I tell you now, then the advance booking of the film has been done at Rs 23 crore 50 lakh. And there are still two days left to release. So the advance of Bahubali 2 here is Rs 37 crore 50 lakh in Hindi and so far The Pathan film has made an advance booking of Twenty-three crore rupees.


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So if the film Pathan makes an advance booking of Rs 14 crore in the coming two days, then the record of Bahubali 2 will be broken. But friends, do you think the Pathan film will be able to do this?

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