Pathan Vs Baahubali 2: Box Office Collection Bollywood to Tollywood Films Records

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pathan vs bahubali 2
pathan vs bahubali 2

We will know about Pathan‘s twenty-first day box office collection and Bahubali 2‘s box office collection on the twenty-first day as well as which of the two films won in its twenty-first day. About the box office collection of Bahubali 2. Baahubali 2 was an epic action drama film.

Prabhas Rana, Daggubati, Anushka Shetty, Tamanna Bhatia, Ramanakrishna, Sathyaraj Annasar, were in this film. The film was directed by SS Raja Mauli. If we talk about screen count, then this film was released in Hindi version with three thousand nine hundred fifty screens. So it was released in All India with about six thousand five hundred screens.

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pathan vs bahubali 2
pathan vs bahubali 2

And Overs was released with two thousand five hundred screens in it. In total, the film was released on April 140, with about nine thousand screens worldwide. Friends, if we talk about the collection, then this film collected a net of crores in the Hindi version on the first day.

So on its twenty-first day, Hindi version collected 6 crore 5 lakhs. The film had a left-time net collection of 511 crores in the Hindi version. So the net collection in All India was 1031 crores. And the over SEZ collected 381 crores.

If we talk about world weight collection, then this film had a world weight collection of 1811 crores. This film proved to be an all-time blockbuster in Hindi. So overall, there was an all-time blockbuster. The film was also a high-cross film of both and Telugu.


pathan movie
pathan movie

The Hindi footfalls of this film was 5 crore 26 lakhs, while the footfalls in All India were more than ten crores. Now let’s know about Pathan‘s box office collection. Friends, this film was released in India with about five thousand five hundred screens.

So Overs was released with about two thousand five hundred screens in it. That is, this film was released with about eight thousand screens worldwide. If we talk about the collection, then this film had a net collection of 57 crore 40 lakhs in India on its first day.

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Pathan Movie vs RRR Movie Box Office Collection

The film had collected 281 crores 78 lakhs in its first week and collected 364 crore 94 lakhs in its second week, while the film collected 27 crore 29 lakhs in its third weekend.

The film made a net collection of about 4 crore 475 lakhs in its twentieth day i.e. Monday and with this, the total Hindi net collection of this film in twenty days has gone up to 8 crore 492 lakhs. So the total India net collection has been 57 crore.

Pathan Box Office Collection

Waltair Veerayya Box Office Collection

Now the total India Cross Collection has reached 587 crore 10 lakhs. The film has a collection of about 362 crores overseas. If we talk about the world weight collection, then the total world weight collection of this film has reached 949 crores 10 lakhs in twenty days.

Friends, if we talk about the 4st day collection of this film, then this film is going to collect a net collection of about 10 crore 140 lakhs in India in its twenty-first day. Friends, the theatrical budget of this film is in the range of 164 crores. And this film has become an all-time blockbuster at the box office.

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Friends, let me tell you that Pathan Force has crossed 3 crores. Even if the film crosses the lifetime collection of Bahubali in Hindi collection, Hindi will still lag behind Bahubali in foot fast. Bahubali is an ever green film whose craze was ultimate level.

This film was so tremendous that the film received a tremendous response in All India. So friends, bahubali two has won the collection of the twenty-first day.

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