Pathan Day 8 Box Office Collection India Worldwide

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pathaan movie 2
pathaan movie 2

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan‘s mega blockbuster film Pathan created a new history at the box office by earning Rs 106 crore worldwide on the first day and the film had shattered the records of all the Bollywood films in the first week itself, but now Pathan‘s second week at the box office has started and this film is like the first week. Even in the week, it is earning great earnings at the box office.


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pathaan movie 2

So today we will talk about the worldwide collection of the first eight days of the pathan film and know how many crores the mega blockbuster film Pathan has earned in all languages from all over the world in the first eight days, as you all know that the action packed film Pathan, directed by Siddharth Anand, whose budget is only between 200 to 250 crores but the film has only eight crores. Within a few days, shah rukh khan’s films were not able to do anything special at the box office by earning three times his budget.

Due to which many people thought that perhaps Shah Rukh Khan’s career is completely over now, although the opposition of people to the Pathan film was very high before its release, due to which Shah Rukh Khan’s fans were also afraid that whether the Pathan film would be able to earn any money at the box office or not. The film, released in the Pathan year, removed everyone’s misunderstanding.

And as soon as the film started breaking the records at the box office, by the first week, almost all the records of Bollywood were in its name and as soon as the film entered the second week, the film is still earning a lot of money at the box office. So Pathan, which was released on 8000 screens worldwide in three languages Hindi Tamil Telugu, this film had a India net collection of Rs 57 crore from all languages on its first day as soon as it was released.

So the worldwide gross collection of the first day was Rs 106 crore and it became bollywood’s biggest opener, the film was released on Wednesday i.e. January 25, due to which the weekend of the film was five days and the worldwide collection of the film in the weekend of five days was more than Rs 500 crore. In the first week, the film’s net collection was Rs 330 crore from all three languages, while in the first week, the worldwide gross collection of the film was Rs 631 crore.

Talk about the eighth day collection of this film, so the film tickets have been sold so much on the eighth day and the film is housefull in many places in the morning shows even on the eighth day, as well as the booking of the film’s afternoon, evening and night shows has also been very good. The collection is worth Rs 20 crore.

At the same time, the worldwide collection of the eighth day is around Rs 35 crore and with this, the total box office collection of Pathan film in the first eight days is being Rs 350 crore, yes Pathan film is doing India net collection of Rs 350 crore in just eight days. The worldwide gross collection is rs 666 crore.

Yes, the film is earning a great amount from the worldwide market of Rs 666 crore in eight days, I would like to tell that Pathan has become a blockbuster at the box office and it is expected that the film will earn 1000 crores in the worldwide market in the coming days.

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