Pathan Box Office Collection: Total Collection, Hit or Flop Verdict

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pathaan movie 2
pathaan movie 2

Superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s film was not released in theaters for the last five years, due to which many people thought that now Shah Rukh Khan’s career was over and in his film you might be a hit at the box office because many people opposed the film by tearing posters in theaters and trending on Twitter. But when the Pathan film was released in theaters.


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pathan movie

So this film made history at the box office as soon as it was released and no one even dreamed about the collection that the film has done in the first five days, yes, let us tell you that superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s film Pathan has earned more than Rs 500 crore in the worldwide market in just five days. You won’t believe it.

But it is true that Pathan’s worldwide collection has exceeded Rs 500 crore within a few days, now we will talk in detail about how much Pathan earned in India and how much the total collection from all over the world was done. If people are boycotting the film, then no one will go to theaters to watch this film because if you remember, then in 2022, Aamir Khan’s film Lal Singh Chadha was also boycotted by the people.

Due to which the film had become a bad flop at the box office, but there is a lot of difference between Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan because people only boycotted Aamir Khan’s films, while people also tore posters for Shah Rukh Khan’s film, but despite so many difficulties, Shah Rukh Khan proved why he is called Bollywood. Because here the Pathan film not only did well at the box office but also broke all the records.

Whether it is Bollywood records or South India records, people thought that only South films can earn crores of rupees in the worldwide market, but Shah Rukh Khan has once again proved that there is no bigger superstar than him in Indian cinema today. South India’s biggest film is not able to do so much collection even in its lifetime collection and it is not possible for Bollywood’s heroes to collect as much from the overseas market as Shah Rukh Khan‘s film Pathan has done in five days.

Yes, let us tell you that here Pathan film has crossed the lifetime collection of all the films of the Spy Universe in just five days such as Ek Tha Tiger, Tiger Zinda Hai and War in five days and Pathan has achieved the tag of the biggest blockbuster of this spy universe. Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathan film had a net collection of Rs 57 crore from India on its first day, while the first day worldwide gross collection was Rs 106 crore.

On the second day, the film created a new history at the box office and on the second day, the net collection of the film from India alone was Rs 70 crore 50 lakh, the worldwide collection on the second day was Rs 113 crore 60 lakh, while on the third day it was normal Friday and the Pathan film made India net collection of Rs 39.25 crore on the third day and the worldwide gross collection on the third day was Rs 94 crore. That is, the worldwide collection of the Pathan film in just three days was Rs 313 crore, yes, the Pathan film earned 313 crores in just three days.

But now talk about the fourth and fifth day collection of the film, then Pathan film made a net collection of Rs 56 crore 10 lakh from India on its fourth day, but the collection of the film is much better than expectations again on the fifth day. The film is not even getting tickets and the shows of the evening, night and afternoon of the film are also getting full, so according to the report that has come so far, the Pathan film is making a net collection of 65 crores from India on the fifth day.

On the fifth day, the film is doing only India net collection of Rs 65 crore and at the same time, pathan talks about the details of the total collection of the film in the first five days, then in five days, Pathan’s India net collection has been 288 crores, while The India Gross Collection is Rs 343 crore. The overseas collection of the first five days of the Pathan film here is about 180 crores, yes, the overseas collection in five days i.e. foreign earnings is Rs 180 crore, while India’s gross collection was Rs 346 crores.

With this, the worldwide estimate gross collection of Pathan film in five days is happening to 180 crores, yes in its five days the film has earned a great amount of 523 crores in the worldwide market, while the Pathan film has become a blockbuster at the box office by collecting 523 crores in five days. Now it has to be seen how much drop comes in the film’s collection from tomorrow i.e. Monday, only then it will be known how much the lifetime collection of the film is going to be, although looking at the way the film has earned in five days, one can easily say that the lifetime collection of the film will be at least 523 to 700 crores easily.

It will be very interesting to see how the film’s budget is only Rs 250 crore and the film earned more than 500 crores in five days i.e. Pathan film is a blockbuster at the box office i.e. super blockbuster.

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