Pathan: Box Office Collection Total Advance Booking

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pathan movie
pathan movie

Shah Rukh Khan’s film Pathan has done wonders that no Bollywood film has been able to do for the last 5 years, where Bollywood films take two to three weeks to earn 100 crores, but it seems that the Pathan film will earn 100 crores in just two days because the kind of collection the film has got in advance booking. He is totally amazing.


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pathan movie pics
pathan movie pics

The biggest Bollywood film of 2023, Pathan, has only two days left to release, but the earnings earned by the film from advance booking 2 days before its release are completely dangerous. The film is to be released on Wednesday, January 25, due to which the weekend of the film is going to be five days.

And the earnings that the film has earned from the weekend are absolutely amazing, where if we talk about the day wise advance booking collection of the film, then here is the advance booking of the First Day of the Pathan film i.e. Wednesday 25 January, it has been done in all India of Rs 21 crore 50 lakh. The second day booking of the film i.e. Thursday 26 January has been booked at Rs 12.70 crore, while the booking for the third day of the film i.e. Friday is Rs 6 crore 10 lakh.

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At the same time, the booking of this film on Saturday i.e. January 28 has been Rs 7 crore 15 lakh, while the advance booking of this film on its fifth day i.e. Sunday i.e. January 29 has been Rs 9 crore 15 lakh. The advance booking of the film in the weekend has been Rs 56 crore 60 lakh from India.

At the same time, the weekend advance booking of the film from the overseas market has been Rs 17.50 crore and with this, the total advance booking of the first five days of the Pathan film from the worldwide market has reached Rs 74 crore 10 lakh.

While the film is still 2 days away from its release, it is expected that the film will earn a penny from advance booking, whose record will probably be completely impossible for any Bollywood film to break in the coming time.

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