Pathan Box Office Collection India Worldwide Day 13 Net Earning

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pathan collection
pathan collection

Superstar Shah Rukh Khan‘s film Pathan has once again made that record at the worldwide box office, no one would have ever thought Hindi at the box office, this film has become India’s number one film, breaking all the records of Bahubali Two and has also become the number one film worldwide.


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Shah Rukh Khan’s film Pathan’s thirteen days of Indian and Worldwide Box Office Collections are going to know how much crores the film is earning today and which record Bahubali has broken in this film and made a comeback to Bollywood as you all know.

Pathan, directed by Siddharth Anand, is going to see action, romance and great songs in this film. Superstar Shah Rukh Khan‘s film was released at the Indian box office on January 25 in India on 5,200 screens and worldwide on 7,700 screens.

And on these seven thousand seven hundred screens, this film had won all the records of Indian cinema. Pathan, who took a historic opening from his first day, easily crossed the rs 167 crore mark in the first three days and Rs 280 crore in five days and Rs 364 crore in his first week.

With this, the film became the biggest opening film in Bollywood history and Hindi cinema world, surpassing the first week collections and first day collections of Bahubali and KGF. Shahrukh Khan’s film seems to be getting a great response from the audience in single screens and multiplexes.

The film has made many records not only in India but also in oversage, in which this film has also been made in the one of the biggest grosser films of the Hindi film industry, oversized market, the film has so far earned more than Rs 115 crore from America.

The film has achieved the number one position from the Gulf countries, Australian UK and all over and has surpassed Bahubali Dhoom 700 and Dangal, while if we talk about the film’s all-over world box office collections, the film also crossed the crore mark at the worldwide box office office.

Let us tell you about the second week collections of this film, even in its second week, the film was seen getting a great response from the audience, on its tenth day, the film earned Rs 14 crore.

The film has earned Rs 23.25 crore, while on its twelfth day, the film’s collections have seen outstanding growth and the film has earned Rs 28 crore 40 lakh, with this, the film has crossed the Rs 430 crore mark at the Indian net box office and finally the film has become the number one film in India as well as the world. On the worldwide box

The collection of this film in just one language Hindi has crossed the Rs 810 crore mark and this film has made a record of Bahubali Hindi Two that Bollywood people would never have thought of breaking.

Pathan has earned Rs 810 crore Hindi worldwide at the box office and due to this, the film has also become the number one film in the Hindi cinema worldwide. Now if we talk about this film’s Worldwide box office, this film crossed the Rs 780 crore mark at the Worldwide box office for the first eleven days.

Yesterday, the film has earned more than Rs 48 crore at the Worldwide Box Office and the total collection of this film has crossed the figure of Rs 828 crore at the Worldwide Box Office and with this, the film has become the top grosser of Indian cinema. Let’s tell you

The advance of this film is still 1.5 – 2 crores, the morning occupancy of this film is eight to ten percent, although the occupancy is very low but due to being released on more screens, the collections of this film are going to be very good and this film is going to be very good on its thirteenth day today at the Indian net box office where once again about 7 to 8 crores. It seems to be touching the rupee figure.

And with this, the film’s collection at the Indian net box office will have been Rs 438 crore and finally the film will have broken kgf chapter two records in Hindi at the Indian box office and will have become the second highest grossing film in Hindi cinema after Bahubali.

And let us tell you that this film is earning more than Rs 15 crore at the Worldwide box office today. The film’s collection at the Worldwide box office will have crossed the Rs 843 crore mark.

Let us tell you that if this film continues to earn at the worldwide box office in this way, then the club of 1000 crores will be easy for this film, but this film can also earn 1100 to 1200 hundred crores from all over the world and after its release in China, this film can break many more records.

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