Pathan Box Office Collection Day 4 {Total Collection} | Pathan Day 4 Collection

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The films of the rest of Bollywood superstars collect only at the box office, but here Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathan is collecting records at the box office, yes Shah Rukh Khan whose films were not doing anything special at the box office for the last 5 years and even Salman Khan in Bollywood, Aamir Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Ranbir Kapoor, Ranveer Singh these super stars gave 300 crore films.


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pathan movie
pathan movie

But till date, none of Shah Rukh Khan‘s films have been able to earn Rs 300 crore, but Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathan has not only come close to rs 300 crore but now it has come close to the Figure of Rs 500 crore.

If even South India’s big pan India is not able to do this collection in its lifetime collection, then today we will talk about the worldwide total collection of the first four days of the Pathan film and know how many crores the film has so far earned from all over the world. Only South Indian pan-India films had earned Rs 100 crore on the first day.

Such as Bahubali, KGF 2, Triple R, 2.0, Saaho, all these films, but till date, no Bollywood film had completely failed to collect Rs 100 crore on the first day, but Bollywood’s King Shah Rukh Khan made Bollywood proud and Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathan earned more than Rs 100 crore on the first day. After earning, the film’s collections decreased from the second day.

While the Pathan film earned more than Rs 100 crore on the first day, on the second day, once again the film collected more than Rs 100 crore at the box office, while here Pathan has been released in only Hindi, Tamil, Telugu three languages.

Deepika Padukone and John Abraham are the action-packed film Pathan directed by Siddharth Anand, in which the film is with superstar Shah Rukh Khan, which was released worldwide at a budget of just 250 crores, which was released worldwide. The worldwide gross collection of the first day was Rs 8000 crore.

Now on the first day, the worldwide collection was Rs 106 crore, after that everyone thought that the film’s collections would fall down on the second day, but let us tell you that this did not happen and on the second day Pathan’s collection was more than the first day. Talking about the third day, the third day was Normal Friday, due to which the film’s collections decreased slightly.

Pathan’s India net collection on its third day was more than our expectations, while the worldwide gross collection on the third day was Rs 35 crore, that is, Pathan‘s worldwide gross collection in three days was Rs 61 crore. Yes, in just three days, the film earned Rs 280 crore worldwide.

But once again a big jump was seen in the collection of this film because on the fourth day was Saturday and Saturday, the collection of the film once again consumed big jumps and here the Pathan film got its fourth day i.e. today is much higher than the third day. The net collection from Din India is doing Rs 55 crore.

Pathan’s India net collection in the first four days is rs 217 crore, while in four days India net collection is Rs 217 crore, while in four days India Gross collection is Rs 260 crore, in four days the film crossed the 250 crore mark in terms of gross collection from India itself.

But the biggest surprise is the overseas collection i.e. foreign earnings, whether Bollywood or South films, hardly 50 to 60 crores of lifetime collection in the overseas market, but here Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathan film has earned Rs 102 crore from the overseas market in just four days.

So while India’s gross collection is Rs 260 crore overseas gross collection of Rs 102 crore i.e. Pathan’s worldwide total gross collection in the first four days has been Rs 362 crore, yes, 4 days and a spectacular collection of Rs 362 crore from all over the world, now tomorrow is Sunday, tomorrow the film will again earn a strong amount at the box office.

And it is expected that Pathan’s worldwide gross collection tomorrow will come near the figure of Rs 450 crore, yes it sounds a bit strange, but it is true that Pathan is earning more than Rs 400 crore in just five days, so now the lifetime collection of the film will go up to a minimum of Rs 600 to Rs 700 crore. Looks like how much will be the lifetime collection of Pathan film and how did you like this film, tell us in the comments as well as follow us to get more such updates.

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