Pathan Box Office Collection Day 3, Pathan Day 3 Box Office Collection Worldwide

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Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathan film, which earned more than Rs 200 crore at the box office in just two days, completely destroyed all the films of South Bollywood and all those films.

Many people were shouting that boycott pathan film don’t go to watch pathan film even when pathan film was released some people went to the cinema halls and tore the poster of the film and what did they think that by doing all this, the Pathan film will flop at the box office.

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But friends, this did not happen at all, here Shah Rukh Khan’s fans and Shah Rukh Khan showed their power and the Pathan film has earned record-breaking earnings not only in two days but also on the third day and Shah Rukh Khan once again proved that he was the king of the box office. Kings are and will remain kings because friends Pathan film is not going to stop now.

This film is going to create a new history at the box office. Pathan will know more about the world white collection of the first three days of the film and how many crores the film has earned from all over the world. So let’s start with how did you like the Pathan film super hit or super blockbuster.

Pathan Pathan has come and will also bring crackers. Friends, as you all know how much the budget of pathan film was 250 crores, but if I tell you that the film earned more than the budget of the film in just three days. So what will be your reaction?

I mean, you will think that no man Akhilesh, this cannot happen, but friends, let me tell you that this has happened. Pathan film has earned more than its budget in just three days. While the film is still having two days left on Saturday and Sunday and in two days the film is going to earn even more at the box office. Yes friends, the action drama film Pathan made under the direction of Siddharth Anand.

The film stars Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone and John Abraham in the lead roles. In this film, a strong cameo of superstar Salman Khan is also being seen and the cameo that has completely won the hearts of the people. Now if friends talk about the day vice collection of Pathan film

So friends, Hindi, Tamil, Pathan film, released on eight thousand screens worldwide in three languages, made a net collection of 55 crores from India on the first day and the film became Bollywood’s biggest opener film. At the same time, the India gross collection of the film on the first day was sixty seven crores i.e. 67 crores, while the first day overseas collection of the film is

That is, the foreign earnings were 36 crores 69 lakh rupees. At the same time, Pathan‘s first day updated worldwide collection was 104 crores, yes friends, you heard right, the updated first day collection of Pathan film was Rs 104 crore in the worldwide market, but now talk about the second day collection of the film, pathan’s collection will be less on the second day than on the first day.

But here I was completely proved wrong and pathan film earned money on the second day. This means that no film has had so much collection on the second day as pathan film has done. Yes friends, let us tell you that pathan film did a net collection of 70 crores from India only on the second day.

You may not believe it, but it is true that pathan film did only India net collection of 70 crores on the second day. While India Gross Collection was 84 crores on the second day. At the same time, here Pathan is his second day’s overseas collection i.e. foreign earnings of 22 crores, friends, the second day world wide gross collection of Pathan film here is one hundred six crores.

Yes friends, you heard right, the Pathan film earned 106 crores in the World Wide Market on the second day. So while the world wide collection of the first day is Rs 104 crore, the world wide gross collection of the second day is Rs 106 crore i.e. friends Pathan film has earned 210 crores from all over the world in just two days.

Now if we talk about the collection of the third day of the Pathan film, then friends here the collections of the third day of the Pathan film have been reduced a bit but not as much as we say yes friends, first of all, let us tell you that the opening day of the film was on the first day.

Due to which the film recorded on the second day, 26 January i.e. National Holiday, due to which the collection of the second day of the film was also breaking, but friends, the third day is normal Friday i.e. today is no holiday, despite which the Pathan film which has got from occupation today was released last year.

Much better than many Bollywood films. So according to the report that has come so far, Pathan film is doing India net collection of 30 crores on its third day, while India growth collection is about Rs 36 crore. Talk about the third day’s overseas collection

The film is earning around Rs 14-15 crore from the overseas market on its third day. That is, the world wide gross collection of the pathan film on the third day is coming to 50 crores, yes friends, the collection on the third day is also coming in the range of 50 crores in the world wide market and with this, the all-India net collection of The Pathan film is being 155 crores within the first three days.

At the same time, the india gross collection is Rs 127 crore and in three days the total gross market of the film from abroad is getting Rs 73 crore and the world white gross collection of the film in three days is happening at 260 crores. Yes friends, the budget of the film is Rs 250 and the worldwide collection of the film in three days is Rs 260 crore. The collection is yet to come.

EXPECTED: Day 4 – 64 cr., Day 5- 23 cr., Day 6 – 18 cr., Day 7 -14 cr., Day 8 -14 cr., Day 9 21 cr., Day 10- 25 cr, Day 11- 28 cr.,  Day 12- 11 cr.(its not official figures, only prediction figures).

The film will again earn a big amount at the box office on Saturday and Sunday i.e. tomorrow and the day after, and by Sunday, the film will cross the figure of about Rs 350 crore to Rs 400 crore in the worldwide market. But it remains to be seen where the lifetime collection of the Pathan film goes?

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