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pathaan movie 2
pathaan movie 2

This time the 25th of January has brought a new festival in the calendar. It turns out that the king is back. Pathan’s four-year-long wait is finally over today. Theatres are crowded and there is hope in the heart of Bollywood. Houseful boards are back, that’s the biggest good news. But is everything really good inside Pathan?

No, I have complaints and it’s of a very genuine type. So start the story of a monster who has died for the world a long time ago, but he has come back by deceiving death, what is the mission for a secret mission, you are wondering who is a lot of waste and the target is? Bharat Mata is in danger on me.

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Pathaan Movie – Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, John Abraham

pathaan movie 2
pathaan movie 2

Now look, fighting a monster is not a matter of a person’s power, especially if he is a devil in the mind, then what is not at all, there is only one monster in the whole world, we will find our own, here there is an entry in the story of Pathan, who is fond of chasing death, why are you thinking this?

Because his life is his, who will you kill? He has given life to someone else, he is just a soldier, his son will just hit the hero villain, the rat will be a cat game and the film will end, thinking that stop a little, you have to meet someone else too, this is Miss Cheating, who is against whom, maybe he does not even know himself, then the game of chess has not started on one side. Black goat is white on the other side but rani is on which side

No one knows that the winner will get the whole world and the loser will get only death who won who will get the answer in the theater, boss, tell me clearly, this film will seem to be average to some people and some will start dancing in theaters, which they will never forget. Do you know why this will happen, due to the different expectations of people from the film, one is the one who is only going to see Shah Rukh, the comeback that was waiting.

Others who want to hear the name of Spy Universe and see dc marble type bomb exploding inside a Bollywood film. I am standing between these two and if you ask me, first of all, let me make one thing clear that Pathan does not have a story driven film. Here you do not use the story to judge the film good or bad.

That thing is that everything inside the film does not completely depend on it, as seen in that, the suspense mystery goes to the end. By putting a twist on the twist, the public is given a feeling of recovering money. If the story is removed, the film will be zero.

On the contrary, Pathan is an experience type of cinema in which the public will be forced to play directly or applaud by putting larger than life scenes. You have never seen such type of action sequences in Bollywood that can directly compete with Hollywood.

The best example is that kgf film plays only on experience. The public enjoys the whole three hours thinking about where to come out. In the same way, pathan logic is not to be found, do not have to put your mind. Pay attention to the mass factor, how your favorite stars are presented, that thing is more important.

Understand that the story is not strong, but the way of showing it should be strong, this is Pathan’s funda. The most fun is going to be Shah Rukh Khan vs John Abraham in Face of Scenes. When these collide with each other, the atmosphere of the theatre deteriorates. Have you used tremendous BJM to put the action of vandalism and twisting it?

Where is the thing that is in hand bribes, where is it in the gun? Don’t take tension about Deepika at all, you must have been a Bollywood film in which Shah Rukh is Deepika, so bhaiya romance will definitely happen. These people will waste unnecessary time, these people will be shown playing the song forcibly. Pathan’s romance is also like action.

He does not stop the film, on the contrary shameless color moves the story forward. Deepika has fired a machine gun, boss and what can you ask for, the heroine of a Hindi film, you will not fit anyone in this role except her. Now talk about Shah Rukh Khan, due to whom there has been so much uproar, this name alone has awakened the entire Bollywood from sleep.

After four years, I stood up to see them on the big screen, their voice is enough to make the film from minor to dangerous. Look, the man did everything that the public was asking of him, vandalism, action, smart comedy, impossible type of stunts but sorry to say his character has not been fully used in the film.

The responsibility will be put on the director. Shah Rukh should have got more mass type scenes, he would have torn it alone on his own. We gave the money for that thing. If you catch this film SS Raja Mauli, then Shah Rukh Khan will make a film that no other actor will be able to reach around.

While believe in Pathan, you are mine John Ibrahim has completely dominated this film. The story has been given to the man better, his scenes are of more masi type, just speak some sher-shayari type dialogues, in between they do not suit a little, just remove them on their psycho type character, then they become full monsters.

This is the expectation of the film, which is Salman Khan’s cameo, which we already knew it would happen, but when it actually happened, it really turned into a theater stadium.

Shah Rukh Plus Salman Boss, there is no competition between this pair, but do you know what happened because of this? The climax of the film faded, one was Shah Rukh John’s face off had already happened many times. That’s why when they came face to face in the climax, the excitement of seeing something for the first time was over.

The satisfaction that is needed from the ending of a film is missing in Pathan. Everything was easy, it felt like it was easy, the fear of chewing the nails was missing. Look brother, perhaps whatever you say, one thing is certain, people who doubt Shah Rukh Khan will have to say sorry to them. The man’s low back is strong,

Money will be money Babu bhaiya, there is no doubt about this. Say special thanks to those who boycott you. Pathan will get four out of five stars from my side. First, the action sequences are the second of shah rukh vs john’s face of solid powerful de dena dan and Deepika’s machine gun wow. Women’s meme deleted from today.

The third is the cameo bhai sahab which is really spoiling the atmosphere in the theater. And to dispel this misconception that the fourth mass cinema is made just in the South, BGM Plus RAW tore the action. Look at half of the negatives, missing me in the climax, so if you don’t feel like it, then it is better and halfstar.

I am still sure that Shah Rukh could have used him better, instead of the director saheb, he left him at just ninety plus, do not wait any longer, book tickets or else you will be waiting for Shah Rukh Khan in the theater.

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