Nisha Madhulika (Chef) Age, Family, Career, Recipes List, App & More

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nisha madhulika
nisha madhulika

Nisha Madhulika (Chef): Age, Family, Career, Recipes List, App & More info.

Nisha Madhulika (a YouTuber) living in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, talking about today’s modern life, today YouTube is becoming a part of all of us’ lives, with the help of this, we are all learning something, in such a way, youtube in millions is an example for people through their hard work and dedication. Nisha Madhulika is one of them who has taught people a lot on YouTube. Today, in real life, it has become a source of inspiration for people.


Nisha Madhulika

nisha madhulika
nisha madhulika

Nisha Madhulika was born on 25 August 1959 in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, currently she lives in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, she is a housewife, Saif, and YouTuber, her husband is M.S. Gupta, who runs a web development company, Nisha has a bachelor’s degree in science.


Nisha Madhulika’s Biography

nisha madhulika (2)
nisha madhulika (2)

At present, Nisha ji also has two children who work in companies, at this time Nisha ji will be more than 60 years old. She is also called the Queen of Indian Vegetarian Recipes. They mostly cook vegetarian food, most of the ingredients for making their recipes are found in normal kitchens.

If you are fond of food, or are fond of making, then you must know about Nisha Madhulika, a famous vegetarian Saif, who tells people about cooking recipes on YouTube, she is so famous that her name is listed in India’s top 10 famous YouTubers.


Nisha Madhulika career started

nisha madhulika (2)
nisha madhulika (2)

It was at that time when Nisha ji’s children had completed their studies, and they got involved in their respective jobs, due to which they started living in other cities, at that time Nisha ji was surrounded by loneliness, later she also left the job for a few days.

After a few days, Nisha ji started thinking of doing something positive to avoid her emptiness, and she started reading the recipe article on the Internet, after reading and seeing it, she felt that this work could be done very easily from home, because Nisha ji loved to cook.

With the passage of time, Nisha ji launched a website in the year 2007, which was named Nisha started telling people about her recipe. People liked their website very much and commented that it would be good to make it in a video, everyone will understand it well.


nisha madhulika
nisha madhulika

Keeping all these things in mind, Nisha ji created her channel on YouTube in the year 2011, and started uploading videos on it rapidly, seeing that her channel started becoming very popular, then what was it, she gave a good time in it and became popular.

In the initial phase, Nisha ji used to edit her videos on her own, later after getting success on the channel, her staff helped her in video recording, editing, lighting.

Today, everyone likes their YouTube recipe videos very much. Nisha ji’s way of teaching is very simple and very good.


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