Mike Tyson – Biography, Wife, Family, Career & Success

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Friends, The Boxer We Are Going To Talk About Today Is Not Just An Ordinary Boxer, But His Name Is Taken Every Time In The Boxing World Of The World.

If You Are Interested In Boxing Even A Little Bit, Then You Must Have Heard The Name Of Mike Tyson. He Was The Only Boxer In Whose Life The Boxing Career Was Surrounded By Controversies.

And Whenever He Matched In The Boxing Ring, He Would Inflict Such A Painful Injury On His Representative, Due To Which Mike Tyson Had To Spend His Whole Life In Controversy. So Let’s Know, About Mike Tyson And His Boxing Career.


Mike Tyson Whose Full Name Is Michael Gerard Tyson. He Is An American Famous Boxer, Who Was Born On June 30, 1966 In Brooklyn.

He Was The Youngest Heavyweight Champion Winner In The World Of Boxing, Having Won The WBC, WBA And IBF World Heavyweight Titles.

Apart From This, Mike Tyson Won A Silver Medal In The Junior Olympic Games In The Year 1982. Tyson Has Worked In Many Films Such As Black And White, The Man Inside And The Hangover.


Mike Tyson

Name Mike Tyson
Nickname Iron Mike, Kids Dynamite
Date Of Birth June 30, 1966 (Brooklyn, New York)
Age 57 Years
Profession A Former Boxer
Family Father – Purcell Tyson
Stepfather – Jimmy Kirkpatrick
Mother – Lorna Smith
Brother – Rodney Tyson, Jimmy Lee Kirkpatrick
Sister – Dennis Tyson
Wife Robin Givens (1988–1989) Monica Turner (1997–2003)
Luckyha Spicer (2009)
Net-Worth $17 Million
Coach Kas Diamato
Debut 1885
Religion Islam
Nationality American


Mike Tyson Childhood

Mike Tyson, One Of The Greatest Boxers In The World Of Boxing, Was Born On June 30, 1966 In Brooklyn, New York. He Used To Be A Naughty Child From The Beginning.

Because The Rest Of The Children Used To Make Fun Of Him Because Of His Parrot Tongue, Due To Which Mike Tyson Used To Beat Him A Lot.

He Was So Naughty, That You Can Guess It From The Fact That Mike Tyson Had To Face Jail 13 Times By The Age Of 32.

Meanwhile, A Man Named Bobby Stud Recognized Mike Tyson’s Ability And After Training Mike Tyson For A Few Months, Mike Met An American Boxer, Kass DeMato.

Who Was A Trainer And Manager. Earlier, He Had Trained Many Legendary Boxers.


Mike Tyson’s Success Story

Mike Tyson Won Several Medals In The Olympic Juniors In 1982, In Which He Made A World Record By Knocking Out His Representative In 8 Seconds.

It Was The Fastest Knockout, Which Is Yet To Be Named After Mike Tyson. Gradually Mike Tyson Achieved Many Achievements In Boxing And At The Age Of 18, Tyson Made His Debut As A Professional Boxing.

Mike Tyson Did Such A Feat In The First Year Of Boxing That No One Would Have Thought That Such A Boxer Would Soon Set Such A Record.

Actually, Mike Tyson Fought 15 Bouts In The First Year Of His Boxing Career, In Which He Won 15 Out Of 15 Bouts. Mike Tyson Was The Only Boxer In Front Of Whom No Boxer Could Stand.

And Tyson Won The Match By Defeating His Representative Badly Within 30 Seconds.


The Story Of Becoming The Youngest Heavyweight Champion

In 1986, Tyson Played His First Title Match, Where Legendary Boxer Trevor Bebrick Was In The Ring In Front Of Him. But Even Here Mike Tyson Played The Match With TKO I.E. Technical Knockout In His Fist.

And Became The World’s Youngest Heavyweight Champion Boxer. He Won The Heavyweight Championship At The Age Of Only 20 Years And 4 Months.

It Is Also A Matter Of Fact That Mike Tyson Was Also Seen In Many Controversies Between The Boxing Career Where People Opposed Him, Due To Which The Veterans Had To Ban Mike Tyson’s Boxing Career For 1 Year.

Again He Made A Comeback In His Boxing Career And With One Win Tyson Took His Boxing Passion Forward And Registered His Name Among The Painful And Greatest Boxers.

Painful Because Tyson Used To Win By Defeating His Representative Badly. This Is Why Tyson Is Also Known In The World Of Boxing By Nicknames Like Iron Mike.

Kids Dynamite. Mike Tyson Made A Name For Himself In His Boxing Career With Big Boxers, Due To Which He Retired From Boxing In The Year 2005.


Mike Tyson Net Worth

Former American Boxer Mike Tyson, Who Spread His Boxing Skills In The World, Has Been Awarded Many Awards In His Time, If We Talk About His Wealth.

Then According To The Information, The Total Assets Of The Greatest Boxer Mike Tyson I.E. Network Is About 15 Million US Dollars.

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