Michael Movie | Overview, Story Plot, Facts – Review

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michael movie
michael movie

After KGF, the beginning of making movies on a dark gangster theme is not stopping in the South industry now, but if movies are made again and again on the same topic, then that topic becomes a little downgraded. You’re going to miss KGF.

Whether it is a mother’s angle or a small child becoming a gangster by becoming a gangster or telling a story in the middle of the film, he will give all the vibes of KGF after the interval, so when the mother’s back story continues, I felt in a moment that now the same tune will be played, Tanna Re Na Re Na Re Na Re Na Re Wahi Nahi Main Sach I am saying that the movie looked very long.

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Michael Movie – Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Vijay Sethupathi & Sundeep Kishan

michael movie
michael movie

Yes, if you have not seen such gangster movies before and have not seen even KGF, then you can enjoy this movie when we were shown to Vijay Sethupathi in the trailer, there will be some ruckus in the movie, but this ruckus is half of the first half even second half. Appeared on the screen after leaving

Like Vijay sir, you can only say x-cameo in it, but when he enters, that moment was the best moment of this entire film. The rest of the overall movie becomes quite average because there was nothing extra ordinary stuff in the movie, although there was some positive thing like lighting and cinematography and the era of nineties shown is quite on point.

And it can only make things look good, it has nothing to do with the story, if there is bloodshed and kissing scenes in the movie, then it can happen a little with the family. And it’s not a children’s film at all. Hindi dubbing is fine for this film and anyway the hero must have spoken only ten-fifteen dialogues of gin-chun in this entire film.

More dialogues than that were from Vijay sir, who just had an extended cameo. And look, it is not that if there is a South movie, then every movie will be good. But if the same material continues to come in south movies, then perhaps one day gradually its condition will also become like Bollywood movies.

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