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M3GAN Movie Review : Forget chaki and anabel have come a new doll, a four-foot real girl-like chutki witch who has taken the overdose of today’s artificial intelligence, who looks like a big girl with her big eyes, if you see with your big eyes, then understand that you will be done talking about a girl who loses her parents in an accident.

So her aunt becomes her guardian, who is actually a robotics genius and because she does not have much time, the project she was working on i.e. model three generative android whose short form is Meghan, which is an AI Genius robot disguised as a doll.



As a companion and test project, she gives the command to take care of her knees i.e. caddy and save her from any trouble, then what happens next is shown to us in a little horror and thriller style.

M3GAN Movie – Allison Williams, Jenna Davis, Violet McGraw

With some human touch means horror thriller as well as a little comic element that works very well in many places, the movie is not very big, so it does not bore at all but raises a lot of questions about how a doll who is like ninety-nine percent human.

How did you make it so much, AI intelligence, etc. is fine, but how did human emotions and scary stuff be added to it so much that she is going to kill people directly, she gets angry, she can take revenge, how but if you keep these negative points aside a little bit, then story line wise acting wise cinematography wise and music wise this movie will not disappoint you at all.

If you think that the doll meghan is CGI, then bhai sahab it is actually played by real girl character face had a different face mask and eyes came to cg so that she could get a real life doll look and it was also a very good decision because if a human right doll has to show the same things as human.

So playing such a role in a human makes that character also natural, due to which his dance moment which has become quite viral, running in a strange way in the forest, the moments of hands and feet seemed all natural.

Made in $ 12 million, the film earned double its budget in the opening of 30 million dollars and has already earned more than $ 56 million so far, which makes this film automatically a superhit film, but the amazing thing is that if you look at the collection of only Day One, then where Avatar Two has earned 11.4 in its first day. Earned millions

The same Magan did a business of 11.7 million, that is, in the first day collection, The point three million of Magan Avatar Two went ahead, remember, I am just talking about Day One, where has Avatar Two reached at the moment, so if you see it, then the movie is definitely watching one time.

And it will also keep you tied to the seat till the end and the way the movie has ended in the end, it is a movie in which bloodshed is very good, so if you are above thirteen years, you can comfortably enjoy this film with your family and there is not much horror etc. Will make you feel tense.

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