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Kuttey Movie Review: Arjun Kapoor, Tabu, Kumud Mishra, Kunkada Sen Sharma, Radhika Maidan, Naseeruddin Shah and Shardul Bhardwaj are in the lead role in the film.

Akash has tried to give a theatrical touch to the dog, but he has also succeeded when the freedom song is played and the background is completely red, even the sky is red, there it seems that he managed to give a theatrical touch.

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I had terrible expectations from the dog. The prologue of the film starts like this, when Kunkada narrates the story in the role of Naxal leader Lakshmi and expectations become one level more up, but as the film progresses, the matter goes awry.


Kuttey Movie – Tabu, Radhika Madan, Naseeruddin Shah


As if a video game is going on, yes, the second half is great, the gripping is when the layers of the story open, all the characters meet in one place, it is a great cinematic experience to see. Screen play is paced, things happen, editing also plays a very important role in it.

Camera angles are quite good, well-thought-out camera angles, due to this, you laugh even in intense situations. The narrative of the film is apt according to which it is built. What to say if the thriller is given a non-linear structure? Something similar has been done with this film. The setup is such that the film running at normal speed suddenly reaches the high pitch.

With the help of this, efforts have also been made to maintain intensity. Apart from The Sky, Vishal Bhardwaj has a hand in the screenplay. And this film also advances the legacy of the key, so through out you will get dark humor. A lot of gestures have also been made in dialogue writing. There are many new jokes like if a lion is hungry, what poison should it eat or whatever stories the characters of the film narrate.

The story of the character Pammi’s story is very amazing, it is also amazing, that story is not amazing, we all know that it is amazing, but it is amazing because it is related to the end of the film. The filmmaker also made his point and no one was hurt. But I wanted to see more of Lakshmi’s character.

When you have put the Naxal angle in the film. So giving it more detail at the ideological level is exactly the same as Naseer’s character. Why do you mean that in the movie? It seems the same for why Anurag Kashyap’s character is there, the message that has been given through that character could have been given through another character.

There was no special need for Anurag Kashyap in this. Nowadays, abuses have become a trend in films. There is abuse in every film. This film is also the same. Abuses should be made where needed. To make every character look strong, it is not necessary to be abused from his mouth. Such is the sex that comes in the middle of the film. is necessary

Is there always sex? Initially, the filming of what happens to Lakshmi seems to be fake. Sex can also be kept very nominal. It could be kept where needed. The best thing about this film is its music. What a strong video of Bhai Saheb Vishal Bhardwaj.

If compared to a recent film, Monica is seen as O My Darling in its background music, the songs are also excellent, the adoption of Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s Najm as a dog’s title tractor was very good.

I have seen the film Woh Ishaqzaade Wale Arjun, A. Kuman Mishra has made Sardar’s character effective, give Tabu whatever work you want to give her your best, she set fire to the role of police officer Pammi, although you can call this character of Tabu an extended version of Drishyam.

It is not good to hear abuses from her mouth, it is not easy to say in her cheeks as she speaks, it seems to be fake. The one who has done the best work in this film, which I thought was Kunkada Singh Sharma. The audacity and truth of the Naxal leader is visible on his face.

Perhaps this is his character in the entire film who is not a traitor. His character has only one shade. All the other characters, as many as they have fallen, Radhika Madan is working like this, if she keeps doing the same, then her future is very bright, the rest of the film is a story of money and power, everyone is engaged in bringing down each other, in the end, you have to watch the film for who can drop whom.

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