Khan Sir (Khan GS Research Centre) Wikipedia, Real Name, App, Patna, Classes & More

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khan sir
khan sir

Today We Are Going To Tell You About A Person Who Has Not Only Gained Fame From YouTube, But Has Become Quite Famous Due To His Language With His Style Of Teaching.

Yes, We Are Talking About Khan Sir Of Patna, Who Made His Mark On YouTube, Who Has Found His Popularity Not Only In His Bihar But All Over India. If You Like To Watch Videos On YouTube.


Khan Sir (Khan GS Research Centre) | Wikipedia, Real Name, App, Patna, Classes & More info

khan sir (3)
khan sir (3)

Then You Must Have Heard The Name Of Khan Sir And Why Not, It Is Quite Famous On YouTube With Its Reading Style. Also read – Sonu Sharma, Sandeep Maheshwari, PewDiePie, Vivek Bindra, Charli D Amelio.

Khan Sir Is An Indian Famous Youtuber And Teacher, Whose Real Name Is Faisal Khan. He Was Born In Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh In The Year 1993.

Khan Is The Founder And Director Of The Sir GS Search Centre, Having A Bachelor’s Degree In Science And An M.A. In Geography.

Faizal Khan, Popularly Known As Khan Sir, Is Quite Famous On YouTube, Who Has 22.3 Million Subscribers With 420 Videos On YouTube.


Khan Sir

khan sir
khan sir
Name Khan Sir
Date Of Birth 1993 (Uttar Pradesh, Gorakhpur)
Profession Youtuber And Teacher
Hometown Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh
YouTube Channel Khan GS Research Centre
Subscribers 24.3 Million
Net-Worth $6.8 Million
Age 30 Years
Nationality Indian


About Khan Sir

khan sir
khan sir

Khan Sir Was Born In 1993 In GorakhpurUttar Pradesh. Khan Sir Told His Interview That He Used To Be A Naughty Child Since Childhood.

Due To Which He Had To Be Beaten By His Parents. Khan Sir Also Had To Go Through Many Problems Due To The Financial Condition Of The Family.

Khan Sir Was Fond Of Becoming A Soldier From The Beginning, Due To Which He Decided To Join The Army. But Due To Some Reason, His Dream Was Broken Due To Lack Of Selection.

But Khan Sir Did Not Give Up And Due To Being Good In Studies, He Started Teaching Home Tuitions With The Help Of His Friend. This Is Where Khan Sir’s Career Started.


Khan Sir’s Career

khan sir (4)
khan sir (4)

As We Said, Khan Sir Was Very Good In Studies Due To His Great Interest In Studies Since Childhood, Due To Which Khan Sir Completed His M.A. In Geography.

And His Graduation In Science. And Gradually Khan Sir Started Teaching Children, His Teaching Was So Much Liked By The Children That The Number Of Children Studying Day By Day Doubled.

Due To Which Khan Sir Established The GS Research Center In Patna And There He Gave High-Level Education To Many Students.

The Results Of All The Students Taught By Him Started Coming Very Well, Due To Which Khan Sir Managed To Make His Mark In Patna.


When Khan Sir Started His Coaching Center, Some People Tried To Forcibly Grab It And Took Over It, But Khan Sir Did Not Stop Here And He Started Teaching Coaching Again.

Initially, Khan Sir Used To Have 5 To 6 Students, But Khan Sir’s Style Of Reading Was Quite Different. The Number Of Students Doubled The Next Day With Their Style Of Reading.

And Gradually The Number Of Children Studying Became Much Higher. Every Student Studying By Khan Sir Seems To Have Passed With Good Results.

But During This Time Some People Tried To Destroy Khan Sir’s Coaching And Other Coaching, But Khan Sir And His Students Did Not Allow It To Happen.


Started On YouTube In The Corona Era

khan sir (2)
khan sir (2)

Corona In 2020 Was A Big Challenge For Khan Sir, Because In A Lockdown-Like Situation, The Whole Country Was Closed, And The Means Of Teaching Were Also Closed.

At Such A Time The Online System Was The Only Way To Educate The Students. Seeing This, Khan Sir Found A Platform To Teach Children Online.

He Started Teaching Students On YouTube In His Friend’s Photocopy Shop. When Khan Sir Slowly Started Teaching On YouTube, Khan Sir’s Video Was Very Much Liked By The People And Khan Sir’s Video Went Viral Everywhere.


Soon Khan Sir Managed To Complete 1 Million Subscribers On His YouTube Channel. Khan Sir Did Not Start YouTube To Get Subscribers On YouTube.

But Many Students Who Could Not Read In Time, Then He Started Making Videos Related To Education On YouTube. But Khan Sir Had No Idea That His YouTube Channel Would Have More Than 10 Million Subscribers.


When Khan Sir Came To Know About This, He Created An Application To Teach Students So That Children Can Read From Applications Besides YouTube.

Today, Khan Sir’s YouTube Channel Has More Than 14 Million Subscribers. The Main Reason For This Is Khan Sir, Because People Like His YouTube Channel A Lot Due To The Way He Teaches.


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