Insta Millionaire (Pocket FM) | Overview, Story Plot, Facts – Review

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insta millionaire
insta millionaire

Lucky is a poor delivery boy whose girlfriend leaves him for a noble boy and on the other hand, to save another girl, Lucky gets crowded with some goons, now let’s come to the story next to this, which, to tell the truth, I also wondered what different level the author’s imagination is.


insta millionaire
insta millionaire

So in that story, lucky saves his college friend Koyal from a big businessman’s son and he calls businessman Koyal’s father and threatens that if Koyal does not spend a night with his son, he closes his shop and now puts his father in front of Koel.

Insta Millionaire (Pocket FM) – Aakash Abhang, Riddhi Kotecha, Ratish Mangalam

A very embarrassing proposal he tells Koel that no matter what happens, he will have to spend a night with that goon for his family, lucky comes to know this, man, this story is gradually becoming quite bold, so when Lucky comes to know about it.

So he just puts a phone and eliminates the entire tension of the cuckoo and saves it again, then a message comes on Lucky’s mobile and poor Lucky is called to room number triple eight of a five star hotel, room eight hundred eighty-eight where he reaches in a torn condition, then what happens?

I pressed the elevator button and entered the elevator, there was a beautiful girl wearing a white shirt and black skirt, on which I could not take my eyes off, but then suddenly I did not know how I sneezed and the strange thing is this.

Seeing that blood stains came out of my nose, which flew on the girl’s shirt, I wanted to take out my handkerchief and clean the girl’s shirt in a hurry, unknowingly my hand touched the girl in the wrong place and the girl screamed loudly. How dare you?

Look at the security security, this guy is flirting with me. I didn’t do anything, I was just going to room number eight hundred and eighty-eight. What? Room number eight hundred eighty eight sorry yes I forgive sir. When did I enter that room? Your soul will tremble when you hear what happened to me.

That is, suspense and questions remain in this series. Like what happened to Lucky? Room number eight hundred and eighty-eight. Lucky called and found the girl Lucky in the elevator, what will happen next and what is the truth of This Lucky?

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