India Lockdown Movie | Overview, Story Plot, Facts – Review

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india lockdown
india lockdown

India Lockdown Movie Review: The famous Israeli historian said these things in the inconclave of India Today on April 14, 2002, about 20 days before this, the news comes that the Prime Minister will address the country in the evening.

On November 8, 2016, when the Prime Minister announced demonetisation, he said that from 12 o’clock tonight, there will be no legal tender of 500 and 1000 rupee notes. Crowds began to appear at bus stands and roads.

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In the news, people started talking about depression and depression. Along with studies, most of us went online. The film India Lockdown is directed by Madhurbhan Darker and written by Amit Joshi and Aradhana Shah.


India Lockdown Movie – Prateik Babbar, Sai Tamhankar, Shweta Basu Prasad

india lockdown 2
india lockdown 2

Different characters living in Mumbai and their struggle with Covid in the story is an elderly man named Nageshwar Rao who lives in a flat with his dog. They are very conscious of Covid. Preparing and waiting to go to Hyderabad where their daughter lives who is pregnant.

There is Kapil, who studies in college, who has just started feeling that feeling. As far as science and society in some parts of the world have not reached. What we call love. And now they are looking for that empty space where they can openly and secretly express love in its most direct form.

The boy lives in the same apartment as commercial pilot Moon Alves, who lives alone there and is fond of cooking. There is a girl Nehru who works to woo famous people in the infamous area, but her mother feels that her daughter is a nurse in a hospital in Mumbai.

There is a family in which there are two daughters besides husband and wife. The husband runs a cart of Golgappe, Tikki, whose debt is yet to be repaid. India Lockdown is made by combining your experiences of our lockdown. You will find all the things that were happening around us at that time.

During the lockdown, young boys and girls chatting online, making new types of dishes at home, feeling lonely, panic or seeing migrant laborers on the streets. Apart from this, efforts have also been made to show the problems faced by the women working in the red light area at that time.

Prakash Belwadi, who plays Nageshwar Rao, has done a good job. An elderly man who is very careful due to his age and is very scared about Covid has to go to Hyderabad with his daughter. Because she is pregnant. Whether Nageshwar is able to reach out to his daughter during the lockdown.

That’s the story of their part. Whenever Prakash comes on this screen, his acting puts you in anxiety, sadness and a little bit of fear. The most poignant story during the lockdown was that of migrant labourers. That’s what we get to see in this movie too. Madhav Prakash Tikki and his wife Phoolmati clean people’s houses.

They also have two daughters, both of whom are working hard day and night trying to run the house that the lockdown is announced, whether Madhav can reach his home in Bihar while fighting the lockdown administration and hunger, you will know only by seeing the India lockdown. Prateik Babbar playing Madhav Prakash and Sahi Tambharkar, playing his wife, have done a great job.

Whenever these two come on screen as migrant laborers, you will definitely feel more anxiety for them. The story of Nehru working in a red light area will take you to the part of the lockdown that we have heard and read the least about in the news.

Nehru has lied to his mother living in the village that she is a nurse in Mumbai. Similarly, every month Nehru keeps sending money to her mother. But how does she face this challenge after the lockdown? For this, you must see the India lockdown. Shweta Basu Prasad has done a good job in the role of Nehru.

College Kapil Satwik Bhatia and Zarine, Khata and at the same time, Ahana Kumra as pilot Moon Alvez could not make much of an impact. Ahana, who has acted well in a film like Lipstick Undermai Burka, seems to be trying to react a little more to show her character alive.

This story and acting of Satwik, Zareen and Moon does not appear as effective as the story of Mahroom, Nageshwar Rao and Madhav or their family. Lockdown is the story of all of us but a lot of things have already been said about all that has been shown.

After the story is over, nothing much can leave an impact. In the end, we can say that the director and writers have definitely touched the lives of all of us, but the story probably needed to be held a little more.

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