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What is the meaning of love – You must have seen many movies in which hero heroin falls in love with each other at first sight. Although love cannot be defined, it can be understood about what it is and whether there is any limit to it or not. Although it is difficult to find true love in today’s time, there are many examples that prove that there is still true life.

What does love meanHow much love is there? And how can we recognize our true love? Is love a bond or freedom or is it a special feeling? You will find answers to all kinds of questions in this article. Readers have to keep up with the article so that they will also be able to understand the feeling of love and also know how much they love their boyfriend / girlfriend.

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Definition of True Love

There is enough support in life,
someone’s hand in the hands is enough,
it does not matter whether it is far or near,
just a feeling of love is enough. “

If you love someone, you will stop thinking from your mind, you will not care whether the person you have loved has done bad or good to you. You will stop making a difference because you will be loving from the heart. You can never know true love until you erase yourself. Because you don’t exist in true love, you don’t live in “you.” The one you love takes this place and you are wiped out. This is love and when you are in true love, you dedicate your likes and dislikes, your personality, everything.

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Love is also known as love, love, love. Love is a feeling that cannot be expressed. For any two human beings to maintain a relationship with each other, it is necessary to have a feeling like love, if there is no love between them, then that relationship cannot last long. Being in a relationship with someone and loving someone are two different things. Many times we are in a relationship with someone, but there is a lack of love there.

It is difficult to understand in today’s date because today’s generation has given the name of love to both attachment and attraction. Love and choice are both different. Love means staying connected with that person in a way where there is no scope for separation from that person. Love is from the heart, there is no need for a mind here because where you start thinking, there is no feeling of love left. Love is a feeling where there are two bodies but the soul becomes one.

What is true love?

. Nowadays lovers express their love with many such poems or sometimes by giving roses. But all this has become a fashion nowadays. To express the feeling of love, a week-long love panchnama continues in the month of February such as Hug Day, Teddy Day, Kiss Day, Chocolate Day. If you truly love someone, you don’t need them all. This is a way of attracting that person and here the demand thing also comes out where there is any kind of desire from anyone, there can never be true love.

Living together isn’t just true love. Love is not a business, there is no deal here. Love is a feeling that not every person understands. Unconditional love is true love where there is no demand or desire of any kind. You start loving someone without meaning, no matter how he looks or what his background is, you do not care, yet you love him, this is true love. To love someone is true love.

How to recognize true love

Love cannot happen where there is reason because love is unnecessary. You can easily know if someone truly loves you. It is not necessary for everyone to get true love and it is also important for you to know that you truly love someone because true love is not possible for everyone.

Suppose you loved a girl and after some time you both got separated, you know that the girl cheated on you or it may also be that the girl had to be separated due to which both of you had to separate and now you have a feeling of revenge for that girl. This is your true love, not at all, you are as guilty as the person who has left you. Whether someone truly loves you or not, you can recognize it like this 

Sense of dedication –

There is always a sense of dedication in a person who truly loves.

Do not put any conditions –

Those who truly love do not place any kind of condition with their partner, they unconditionally accept their partner’s flaws and his qualities.

Don’t stop 

When you truly love someone, you do not stop that person for any work, you give him freedom, you believe in him.

To speak the truth–

The person who truly loves will never lie to his partner.

Forgive me –

When a person who truly loves someone, he will never say bitter things to him. And he will forgive him if there is any kind of mistake and will also apologize for that mistake if he makes a mistake by himself.

Never leave us 

No matter what the circumstances, a true loving person never leaves his partner’s side. He is ready to face all kinds of problems for the person he loves without any complaints at all times.

To trust–

If someone really loves you, they will always trust you even if someone else says something wrong about you. He will trust you.

True love is selfless.

When you truly love someone, you see your happiness in their happiness, your sorrow in their sorrow and your pain in their pain. Forgetting yourself and caring about the person you love, you can’t see him unhappy and do anything for him. It is love to dedicate everything selflessly to someone without any desire.

Types of Love

Love doesn’t have to be between a boy or a girl. You also love your family, your parents, siblings, any pet. Love has no boundaries, it is endless. When you say I’m in love, you’re not really in love, you’re in love when you find everything around you so sweet. You keep thinking about him every time.

You want to see him around you every time, you find him in your thoughts all the time and smile without talking, this is love, and this is called going crazy in love. Love is divided into many parts. Broadly, love is divided into 3 parts as its definition –

Conditional Love (Conditional Love)

Love where there is love but with conditions. It’s a love that’s both mental and physical. In such love, you are more attracted to someone’s body. In such love, there is some expectation from each other. There is a feeling of wanting something in return from each other. This attraction can be both physical or mental. In conditional love, a person falls in love with a person after being influenced by his body, beauty, his speech, his gestures or his thinking.

This love makes you a rose and when you think of getting out of this slavery, in the end, there are complaints between the two and the relationship starts to feel burdened. You go to any extent to keep each other tied to yourself and in the end love is nowhere left, only conditions remain and love is lost somewhere.

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Unconditional Love (True Love, Unconditional Love)

Such true love, in which the condition does not apply, when you start loving someone unconditionally, then that love is called true love. Many people believe that this kind of love cannot happen. People believe that there are some conditions in every relationship, but there are many examples that fulfill the definition of true love. In unconditional love, nothing is expected in return, you can do anything for your partner’s happiness and in return, you do not want anything from him, just want to see his happiness.

A true love is one that remains intact even when the two are separated. This love is without any condition and bondage, in true love, the lover and girlfriend remain free from all the bonds. In unconditional love, a person wants to see his boyfriend / girlfriend happy in every situation. In this world, there is hardly any true love, unconditional love except parents. Therefore, the love of parents comes under the category of unconditional love. He loves his children unconditionally.

Spiritual Love

After conditional loveunconditional love, the third love is spiritual love, which is called spiritual love  . This love is the purest, here you connect with God. Without spirituality, you cannot understand love nor can you find love. If you have never loved anyone in your life, your life is in vain. Kabir ji says –

Read the book, read the world muwa pandit, no one, read two and a half hours of love, so pandit ho. “

Meaning- In the above line, Kabir Das ji says that people study the biggest, but no one can read pandits / pandits. They don’t become scholars. The person who reads two and a half letters of love is the most learned/ scholar.

Other Types of Love

There are 7 ways of love in total. Love is also divided into different parts.

1. One-sided love –

Where a person loves a person from whom there is no feeling of love for him. This love is very challenging and dangerous too. In such a love, only one person is loved, but the person he loves does not care about him or he does not feel such love for him. In such a situation, it is important that you love the one who loves you because in one-sided love, many times you have to sacrifice your self-esteem. So it’s good that you move on.

It is not necessary for them to love us, it is not
necessary that love is the price of love. 

2 . Platonic Love

There is love that is different from normal love. It is a little difficult to define such love. It is a love where it is done with no selfishness and unwavering faith. In such a love, there is no place for romance or sex feeling, nor does a person make any kind of demand. You can understand it as if this is the love between you and your friend. In such love, you are ready to help each other with body and mind.

3. Self-love

It is said that loving yourself is as important as living life. If you can’t love yourself, you probably won’t be able to love anyone else. Loving yourself also increases your confidence level. The more they love themselves, the more beautiful the world looks. But in many cases, this love can also be quite fatal because you stop thinking about others again. It is best to love your strengths and accept your shortcomings because not every person is perfect.

to love yourself in such a way that there is no desire to find anyone else.”

4. Lust love 

Nowadays you will see more of this kind of love everywhere. Boys or girls nowadays fulfill their needs in the name of love. They have a hunger to have sex and try to cover it with a sheet of love. Such love is not love but timepass that boys and girls do with each other. They only have the idea of having physical relations every moment.

If a person truly loves someone, he will never ask for physical relations without any force. To name such love as love would be to make a joke of love because there is no love far and wide, only hunger for lust. Lust love will never last long and as soon as the needs of both are met, they will ignore each other.

5. Puppy Love or Childhood Love –

You must have loved someone in your childhood. During school time, you must have fallen in love with your teacher or the girl / boy of your neighborhood. It is an innocent love and this love is also called puppy love.

6. Never-ending love 

Many times we love a person who is not known far and wide. They love him, you can’t hear anything wrong about him. There are most celebrities in never-ending love, which we follow a lot, despite knowing that it can be a different kind of love. We respect such a person a lot, it can also be called one-sided love.

7. True Love –

In today’s time, it has become very rare to find true love. You must have seen stories of true love in many movies. You must have read many stories of true love. Have you heard the story of many such true lovers like Laila Majnu, Heer Ranjha? You must have heard and found in these stories that a person falling in true love does not care about anything, he does not think what society will say, he just loves from the heart. A true lover does not look at any religion, caste, gender, he only loves unconditionally and continues to do so, time and circumstances do not affect his true love. But it is difficult to find such love nowadays.

Love FAQs –

Love ?

Love means love, love, love is a feeling that two human beings are connected unconditionally.

How many types of love are there?

There are mainly 3 types of love – conditional loveunconditional lovespiritual love.

How many ways is love?

Love happens in 7 ways – one-sided love, childhood love, never-ending love, lost love, true love, self-love, platonic love (Aflatuni love)

How to recognize true love?

If someone truly loves you, he will love you unconditionally. He won’t want anything from you in return for his love.

In today’s post, we have talked about what is the meaning of love. If you have any kind of questions, you can ask by commenting.

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