Hit: The Second Case Movie – Star Cast, Release Date, Review, Story and More Info

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hit the second case 2
hit the second case 2

Hit: The Second Case Movie Update: Adiv Sesh’s crime thriller Hit – The Second Case has been released on December 2. The hit franchise grew bigger with the collaboration of director Shailesh Kolanu, which turned the franchise into a hit universe. The teaser and trailer had raised the curiosity level and the audience started speculating as to who could be the killer?

Hit: The Second Case

hit the second case
hit the second case

Star Cast: Adivi Sesh, Komali Prasad, Meenakshi Chaudhary

Director: Sailesh Kolanu

Released Date: 02-12-22

Hit: The Second Case Story

The story of Hit: The Second Case is about a psychopath on a murder and how a hardworking cop tries to catch him when the entire police force questions his ability in many ways. In Visakhapatnam, SP KD alias Krishna Dev (Adivi Sesh) is a police officer who can solve all murder mysteries. But she faces a tough challenge when the city is shaken by the mysterious and brutal murder of a woman named Sanjana.

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On investigation, he finds shocking revelations. Where it leads to his girlfriend Arya (Meenakshi Chaudhary), subordinate Varsha (Comali Prasad), Abhilash (Maganti Srinath), DGP Nageshwar Rao (Rao Ramesh), journalist (Posani Krishna Murali), homicide intervention team Hyderabad Boss (Shrikant Iyengar). The director successfully ensured that the identity of the hit 2 villain is not revealed till the end.

Hit: The Second Case Review

Written by Shailesh Kolanu, the story of The Second Case is a sequel to his murder mystery hit – The First Case. He continued it from where he left off in the previous film. The story starts slow and sets up some interesting developments before introducing Adivi Sesh and then highlights his character. Once the brute murder is shown in the story, the story picks up speed and runs on supersonic mode.

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Shailesh Kolanu also brought the second half to the end with a similar twist and turn. He tried to address the shortcomings that many people had complained about in hit-the-first case. Most of the time they succeeded in it.

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There are shocking elements at the end of the film but those who watch the crime thriller will not find anything new in it. Overall, Sailesh Kolanu managed to satisfy the lovers of the crime thriller by showing Vishwak Sen in the middle of hit-the-first case and nani as the officer in charge of hit-the-third case while ending the hit-the-second case. The director revealed that Nani will be the hero in HIT 3.

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Adivi Sesh played the role effortlessly. He showed the right kind of emotions when he was wrong and at the same time investigated the matter with great confidence. He also showed suitable body language as an honest cop trying to find the real culprit and at the same time saved innocents from being punished. Adivi Sesh looked gentle and stylish.

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But during the climax and in some scenes they failed to raise the scenes to another level. He should have shown a more dangerous and ruthless look like Vishwak Sen. Meenakshi Chaudhary’s screen time is quite limited. She played it well and added glamour to some of the songs in sarees. Rao Ramesh plays the role of a serious boss. He is fine for his role.

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Others like Posani Krishna Murali and Tannila Bharani performed according to their roles. Vishwak Sen’s scene from Hit 1 included by the makers impressed the audience. It garnered good applause from movie buffs as Vishwak Sen made an impact. The way Natural Star Nani paved the way for Hit-the-Third Case as officer Arjun is good.

Jon Stewart Eduri’s background music is quite good. His background score made the audience beat faster and pulled the audience into the story while keeping them glued to the screen.

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