Gandhi Godse Ek Yudh Movie | Overview, Story Plot, Facts – Review

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gandhi godse ek yudh movie
gandhi godse ek yudh movie

At a historical event that if Godse had shot Gandhi, what would have happened if Gandhiji had survived? And for that, first of all, I would like to congratulate its makers that they took such a big risk because brother, it may be that the controversy of the controversy ideology of the ideas is talking about. Also read – pathan movie.

Where we have tried to explain that neither Gandhiji was wrong nor Godse it is totally an ideology conflict movie like the title of this movie is Gandhi Godse, the war of ideas is seen, if you see Pathan standing in front of Gandhi Godse at the moment, then what do you think?


Gandhi Godse Ek Yudh Movie – Deepak Antani, Chinmay Mandlekar

gandhi godse ek yudh movie
gandhi godse ek yudh movie

Gandhi Godse movie will be able to survive in front of reading, whatever opinion story you have been from the same time when partition took place, after that the way there were distances and differences between Hindus and Muslims and the way brutal murders took place, it has also been shown in it, whose entire blame was put on Gandhiji by Godse.

We believe in what we are taught or shown, here in this film we are also taught in neutral way and also shown who was right and who was wrong because this film comes in vatif wala jonner i.e. if it happens then what happens.

So it just becomes fiction, in which a little comedy has also been added, I mean, it is just as much as the requirement and the most laughter comes when Gandhiji himself laughs, all the people in the theater were laughing at his laughter.

If you watch the movie, you will understand, but you have to believe that both of them have done an amazing job in the role of Gandhiji and those who play the role of Godse have done a great job, it seems as if both are standing in real in front of us and talking even though it is a film but when Gandhi Godse comes face to face together.

It feels like that a stage performance is going on, such a good acting when any dialogue comes out of the mouths of both of them, they have such a deep meaning that you will be forced to think that I take the side of it that it is wrong or it is wrong and this effort is gradually removed from inside you.

Movie dialogues are very hard hitting, like governments rule, do not serve and a man comes and tells Godse that when the British oppressed our country so much, you did not throw them a stone and fired directly at Gandhi ji, the length of the movie is too short.

If you do not get bored in any scene, then ultimately they will engage you and I am already saying that this is not a masala film, it’s a drama of a history fiction combination but one time watch is definitely there.

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