Freddy Movie: Star Cast, Release Date, Review, Story and More Info

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freddy 2
freddy 2

Freddy Movie Update: Kartik Aaryan is ruling the hearts of the audience due to his charming and cute characters. Also, Karthik has always appeared in light and funny films, but this time Karthik has come up with something new. The thriller, directed by Shashank Ghosh, Freddy will shake you deep down.



Star Cast: Kartik Aaryan, Alia Ibrahim

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Director: Shashanka Ghosh

Released Date: 02-12-22

Freddy Story

It is the story of a 28-year-old introvert, bairagi and bachelor dentist Dr. Freddy Ginwala (Kartik Aaryan). Freddy has been trying to find a girl for himself for the past 5 years without blinking an eyelid at a matrimonal site. After facing humiliation due to his failed attempts and some prank calls, Freddy falls in love with a married woman Kainaz Irani (Alaya F).

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Kainaaz is trapped in a physically abusive marriage. When she goes to their clinic to get her teeth removed, their paths collide with each other for the first time. Then a series of events bring them closer and they fall in love. But there is more to this love story than happy moments, secret meetings and the love the characters show for each other.

Freddy Review

At two hours and 13 minutes, Freddy neither looks stretched nor does he get derailed. Despite the story being a bit predictable in the second half, the film manages to maintain its pace. It would not be wrong to say that Karthik has played the most experimental and challenging role ever. While last year’s blast took him out of his comfort zone of doing comedy, with Freddy he has taken things a notch higher.

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Kartik Aaryan’s transformation for Freddy deserves a special praise. From gaining 14 kilos to adopting introverting methods, learning the skills of a dentist to feeling joy, sorrow, love and lust with so much confidence, Karthik is absolutely flawless in all. He has immersed himself in this character and has not left the feel of the character even for a minute.

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The best thing about him is that he has spoken more than his gestures, eyes and gestures. His scenes with his best friend Hardy, a turtle, make for interesting scenes. Alaya is quite impressive and for the second film after her first Jawaani Deewani (2020), Alaya has definitely picked up the nuances well and offers a promising performance.

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Kartik and Alaya’s onscreen chemistry balances Freddy’s madness with his charming personality. Her character has more twists than Freddy and that’s what makes Canaz so interesting.

Pritam’s music is excellent. The theme song of the film is black magic scary. ‘Tum Jo Milo’ also occupies a good place in the film. Clinton Cerejo’s background score adds to the thrill.

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Ayanka Bose’s cinematography is superb. Adita Bali’s production design works well for the film. Amritpal Singh’s action is quite realistic. Aki Narula’s costumes are absolutely simple and a bit non-glamorous in Kartik’s case and attractive in Alaya’s case. The VFX of the redesign in the balloon scene is bad. Chandan Arora’s editing is also fine in its place.

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While this story of Parvez Sheikh is full of all the elements that can be expected in such a thriller. His dialogues failed in most places. There are hardly any lines that deserve applause and that make you stand up and notice. Big revelations and climax in the interval are undoubtedly the high points of the film and impress you. The movie is now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar. Overall, FREDDY is one of the finest performances of Karthik’s career.

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