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elon musk
elon musk

Hello Friends, Today We Will Talk About The Only Businessman In The World, Whose Name Is Spread In Every Corner Of The World.

Those Who Have Earned So Much Name Today From Their Struggling Life That They Are Currently Considered The Most Successful Person In The World. Yes, We Are Talking About The World’s Richest Businessman Elon Musk. Also See –  Azim Premji , Rahul Sharma , Sunil Mittal .

Who Have Taken A Lot Of Risky Decisions To Complete Their Business In Their Life. And Today He Is At That Stage That He Is Counted Among The Richest People In The World.

So Friends, If You Are Going To Get Acquainted With The Entire Biography Of Elon Musk In This Article, Then Hopefully You Will Definitely Like This Article.

Elon Musk

Name Elon Musk
Date Of Birth 28 June 1971 (South Africa, Pretoria)
Profession Entrepreneurs, Investors, Traders, Designers, Inventors, Rocket Scientists
Parents Errol Musk/Maye Musk
Net-Worth $28,420 Crore USD
Founder Space X, Neural Link Founder And Boring Company
Company Tesla, SpaceX, Boring, Starlink And Other
Rank 1st ( The Richest Man In The World)
Age 54 Years
Nationality South African, Canadian And American


Elon Musk Life

According To The Information, The Richest Man In The World Is Elon Musk, Whose Full Name Is Elon Reeve Musk, Who Is The Founder Of Many Big And Successful Companies.

Elon Musk Was Born On 28 June 1971 In Pretoria, South Africa. Today, He Owns Companies Like SpaceX Tesla And Boring, Whose Total Net Worth Is $ 24,420 Million US Dollars.


Early Life, Family

Elon Musk Was Born On June 28, 1971, In Pretoria, Africa. His Father’s Name Was Errol Musk, A Canadian Model And An African Electronic Engineer Pilot.

Elon Musk’s Mother’s Name Was Maye Mask, Who Was A Food Specialist. Apart From This, Elon Musk Also Had Two Siblings.

The Brother’s Name Is Kimbal Musk, Who Was Born In The Year 1972 And The Younger Sister Is Tosca Musk, Who Was Born In 1974.

It Is Said That When Elon Musk Was 10 Years Old, I.E. His Parents Divorced In 1980, After Which Elon Musk Lived With His Father, And He Started His Life With His Father In Africa.



Elon Musk Was Very Good At Reading From The Beginning, He Was Very Interested In Reading. When He Was 12 Years Old.

He Put So Many Books On Him That He Could Beat Even A Student Who Asked A Good Question. Elon Musk Was Most Interested In Computers.

He Liked To Know About Computers And For This Reason He Also Learned Computers With The Help Of Books. He Had Learned To Do Programming In The Computer Or Making Games.

And Many Other Things In The Computer, He Created A Game From A Computer Programming In Childhood, Which He Named Blast, Which He Sold To An American Company For Just $ 500.


I Had A Special Love For Books

He Says That If Children Find Themselves Taking The Passion To Do Something Inside Books Since Childhood, Then They Definitely Realize Their Dreams When They Grow Up.

Elon Musk Was Also One Of Them, A Child Who Was Engaged In Books All Day, In Which Since Childhood I Wanted To Do Something That In The Future People Would Be Recognized Not In My Country But In The Whole World.

To Realize His Dream, Elon Musk Was Just Lost In Books Day And Night, When He Was 17 Years Old, He Wanted To Go To America, But Due To Some Problems He Could Not Go To America.

After The Divorce Of His Parents, Elon Musk Also Separated From His Father After Some Time Because He Was Not Able To Give Time To His Father Elon Musk.

This Was The Reason Why Elon Musk Decided To Go To His Mother’s Relatives Who Lived In Canada. Elon Musk Went To Canada And Completed His Studies And Also Acquired Canadian Citizenship.

He Then Graduated With A B.A. Degree In Physics From The Wharton School Of The University Of Pennsylvania To Pursue His Further Studies.


(1) Zip2

Since Childhood, Elon Musk Wanted To Do Something In His Life, Which People Do Not Even Think Of In Their Dreams.

With This Dream, He Took Admission In Stanford University America In The Year 1995 And Reached America To Do PhD In That University.

He Got To Learn A Lot In America, Here He Learned A Lot About The Internet, Learned A Lot Of Benefits Of The Internet That He Can Do A Lot From The Internet.

With This Thinking, He Withdrew His Admission In 2 Days And Along With His Brother, Opened A Company Named ZIP2 In 1995.

In 1995, Elon Musk Got Only 7% Share In This Company Called Zip2, This Company Worked To Guide A Newspaper. Over Time, This Company Was Bought By A Company Named Compaq In 1999 For $ 22 Million.


(3) SpaceX

In The Meantime, He Also Had To Go Through Many Problems. But Elon Musk Was A Stubborn Person Who Was Determined That He Was Not Going To Give Up At Any Cost.

His Thinking Was Different In The Whole World, He Wanted To Do Something That Would Be A Dream For People To Imagine.

Due To Which He Thought How To Make Technology To Make People Travel To The Sky With Rockets Like People Nowadays Go For A Trip Abroad.


With This Dream, He First Went To Russia In The Year 2003, Where He Also Wanted To Take Two Or Three Rockets.

But The Famous Russian Company ICBM Cost About $ 8 Million For A Rocket. Why Don’t I Make My Own Rocket?

Here You Can See Why A Person With Such Thinking Who Dares To Make Something Like A Rocket Himself Should Not Be Counted Among The Richest People In The World Today.

Point Of – Never Give Up!

Elon Musk, Who Has Been Reading Books Since Childhood, Came Back From Russia And Started Studying Rocket Science And After Working Hard And Working Day And Night.

Exactly A Year Later, Elon Musk Also Made His Own Rocket. He Then Built A Company That He Named SpaceX.

After Everything Went Well, He Released His First Rocket, But After His First Rocket Failed, He Tried To Release Another Rocket Once Again.

But That Too Failed, After Which Elon Musk Was Very Disappointed Because He Had Wasted A Lot Of His Money. Still, They Should Have Made Another Attempt.

But This Time Instead Of Putting New Parts In The Rocket, They Made Another Rocket By Putting The Damaged Parts In The Old Rocket And That Rocket Also Failed Like The Previous Two RocketS O.


After So Many Failures, Any Person Would Leave All This Disappointed, But It Was Elon Musk, Who Since Childhood Was Engaged In Hard Work Day And Night With The Desire To Grow And Do Something.

He Did Not Give Up And Once Again Created Another Rocket By Combining New Parts With The Same Old Part, Which Was Successful This Time And He Did What No One Had Ever Imagined.


(4) Tesla

Tesla Is An American Electronic Car Manufacturer. It Was Established On July 1, 2003. This Company Was Founded By Martin Eberhard And Marc Tarpenning.

Who Initially Named This Company Nikola Tesla. At Present, Elon Musk Is The Owner Of Tesla Company. Because They Had The Most Shares Of This Company.


Elon Musk Did Not Start Tesla Company, But Later He Joined This Company And Invested A Lot Of His Money In This Company Because Elon Musk Liked The Purpose Of This Company Very Much.

He Knew That In The Future Everyone Would Like To Take A Car That Works On Clean Energy That Reduces Pollution And The Lives Of Common People.

He Invested A Lot Of His Money In This Company, After Which He Is The Owner Of This Company Today Due To His High Share In This Company.


(5) Neuralink Company

Neuralink Is A Company That Is Creating The Future Of People’s Brain Interface. This Is A Future Company That Is Already Preparing For The Future.

And The Founder Of This Company Is Also Elon Musk. Because Elon Musk Is The Only Person Who Thinks Like This And Thinks Of Doing Things That No One Can Even Think Of Doing In Their Dreams.


Establishment Of Neuralink Company

This Company Was Established In The Year 2017. The Purpose Of This Company Is To Create A Technical Machine, So That We Can Connect Our Brain Directly To The Computer.

Realizing That The World Is Going A Long Way With Technology In The Present Time, Elon Musk Has Already Prepared To Make Such A Machine, Which Is Going To Be Very Useful In The Future.


This Sounds Quite Impossible, But Making The Impossible Possible Is Not Elon Musk’s Second Name.

So Neuralink Company Will Invent Devices That Will Act As An Interface Between Any Digital System And The Brain.

Humans Will Be Able To Use Everything From Their Brain That People Use Their Hands To Use Today.


(6) Boring Company

The Boring Company Is Also One Of Elon Musk’s Companies, This Company Was Started By Elon Musk Through A Tweet In The Year 2016.

“Currently Traffic Has Driven Me Crazy, I Am Going To Build A Boring Machine Digging In The Ground. The Aim Of This Company Is To Change The Way Transport Is Done”

Elon Musk Is Working In This Project To Develop A Special Taxi System, In The Era Of Increasing Technology, Today More And More People Are Running On The Roads.

In Such A Situation, Traffic Has Become Common, That Is Why Elon Musk Has Created Such A Boring Company Looking At The Future.

Those Who Will Be Able To Run Vehicles Not Only On The Ground But Also Under The Ground Through A Channel, Which Is Going To Provide A Lot Of Relief To The People In Traffic.

Over Time, This Company Is Doing Its Work Very Fast, And Hopefully This Company Will Definitely Make Its Name Around The World.


The CEO Of These Companies Is Elon Musk

Company Names Title
SpaceX CEO
Tesla CEO
Neuralink CEO
Solar City Chairman
OPEN AI Co-Chairman


Awards And Achievements List Of Elon Musk

  • In 2006, Elon Musk Was A Member Of The United States National Academy Of Sciences Aeronautics And Space Engineering Board.
  • Elon Musk Received The National Wildlife Association 2008 National Conservation Achievement Award For Tesla And SolarCity.
  • In February 2011, Forbes Named Musk “One Of America’s 20 Most Powerful CEOs.”
  • In 2012, Musk Was Awarded The Royal Aeronautical Society’s (RAES) Highest Award.
  • In The Year 2017, Elon Musk Was Awarded The Oslo Business For The Peace Prize.
  • Mask Was Awarded The Axle Springer Prize On December 1, 2020.
  • Elon Musk Was Ranked #1 On Forbes’ List Of Billionaires, On January 10, 2021.
  • Time Magazine Named Mask A Person Of The Year On December 13, 2021.
  • The Medal Of Merit Was Awarded The Order Of Merit On May 20, 2022.

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