Daman Box Office Collection, India Total Collection, Hit or Flop, Verdict

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If we talk about real collection, then any website, whether you take Box Office India, box office movie review, no friends are willing to give data here because they are not able to track which block is there now, how many people are here, nothing is known, but friends there is some place.

Bhubaneswar is the movie there, its Hindi version is getting good response, even in Patna, I think there are two shows in Bhopal, very few friends have shown, but in some places there is a good view, everywhere friends are preferring Pathan this week too.

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It seems that friends, this is the movie, this is its story, it will be dealt with below thirty-four lakhs and on Monday, friends and the show is going to fall, I want to tell you by sitting here because I have drunk the meaning of the solution, what I say to the box office is the same, remember this thing, friends, according to the reports of this movie. earning

On the first day, the very minimum has been earned about 1-2 lakh rupees, yesterday we talked between five to ten lakhs, if we talk about friends on the second day, then there was a little increase but no one was very much.

Friends, if we believe the reports here, then 7 lakh rupees have been earned. Even on Sunday, friends, the scene is in this way, so friends, if it earns 10 lakhs, then its earnings in this way will stop at Rs 22-25 lakh, dubbing friends, it is above one crore.

There was one in making the movie and friends, it took so much money in dubbing, now what do you know, the matter has stopped below this, but friends, where Sanket Mahatre, there is money in dubbing, brother, so I think friends this is a wrong decision and this movie could not run in the box office unfortunately released at the wrong time.

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