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In today’s article, we will tell you complete information about in detail. Coolmoviez is a viral movie downloading site where you get movies of every category in different resolutions like 1080p, 720p, 420p, 360p, which you can easily download on your mobile phone.





There has been tremendous growth in the online platform since the arrival of Jio 4G. Due to this, piracy of films and online content has also increased significantly. One of these websites is Coolmoviez org which provides piracy content. You should know that under the Indian Law Act, you cannot give any original content, i.e. someone else’s link, for free. It is a crime.


Tamil Movie SkymoviesHD

But still many movie downloading sites make this type of content available to the public for free. This causes a lot of damage to the web series director of the film. That’s why you must have seen that many movie websites do not work and do not open because the government bans those sites.


india lockdown 2
india lockdown 2

Coolmoviez 2023

Coolmoviez is a kind of popular movie downloading website. You get all kinds of movies like Bollywood Movies, Telugu Tamil Dubbed Movies, Hollywood HD Movies which we can easily download on our mobile phone or laptop.

This type of website is completely illegal. If this movie downloading website releases any movie, then it uploads that movie to its website in high quality on the same day. Due to which the public downloads that movie for free and all these things cause a lot of damage to the movie creator.


Comedy Movie WorldFree4u

Coolmoviez Movie Downloading website offers you high quality movies for free. With the help of Inside, you can download the web series of any movie for free, which is legal, only after releasing a movie or web series, where movie creators show them in the theater. Or a film is released on a listening platform.

Click here to upload the same movie to your site. So that the user can download and see for free, this is a kind of piracy. We can also say that do not steal anyone else’s goods and then say that giving it to people for free means according to the Government of India it is a crime and you also get punishment, you can also be imprisoned.

Working on this type of website, creating these websites or using these websites is also illegal in a way, so please do not use these websites.



Coolmoviez Block Domain List 2023

Friends, Although I have pointed out that Coolmoviez is illegal and using it is also a wrong thing to do, there are some people who keep using it continuously. Peers, sites like Coolmoviez are interrupted along these lines.

Coolmoviez Video Quality

  • 360q
  • 480p
  • 720p
  • 1080p
  • DVDrip
  • MKV

What type of movies are available on Coolmoviez.In?

On Coolmovies you will get to watch movies in many languages. You can choose the category of the movie according to your requirement. Below we have told you about the category present on Coolmoviez 2023-

Bollywood Movie Hollywood Movie
New Bollywood Movie Bhojpuri Movie
South Movie TV Series
Sport Family Show
South Hindi Dubbed Comedy Movie
Tamil Movie Malayalam Movie
Panjabi Romance
Old Movie Marathi Movie
Anime WWE Shows
Kids Movie Hollywood Dubbed Movie
Tamil Dubbed Movie Drama
War Serial Web Series
Children Hollywood Hindi Dubbed Movie
Coolmoviez 2023 : Download All Latest Bollywood, Hollywood, South Hindi Dubbed Movies free

Is Coolmoviez an illegal website?

Yes, Coolmoviez is an illegal website on which movies and web series are piracy. According to the law of the Government of India, if you piracy any initial contact, then it is a kind of illegal act and you will know that you are punished for doing illegal work.


South Hindi Dubbed FzMovies

Therefore, all the movie downloading sites like Coolmoviez Baby, all those websites are banned in different ways and that is why the government refuses these sites and then you are not able to go to these websites.



Does the government ban Coolmoviez?

If you open coolmoviez’s official website now, then this website will not open in your mobile. The reason for this is that the original content on this type of website is done from Payal and because of this, the government bans these websites in India. But still people use VPNs to go inside and download movies and web series.

But still the owners of a movie downloading site like Coolmoviez keep changing the domain name of this website frequently. That is, it keeps changing the domain. The website works for a few days. After that, as soon as the government gets information about them, it also manages that domain. Again this website changes its extension.


ved movie 4
ved movie 4

Is Coolmoviez safe or not?

Now let’s talk about whether a website like Coolmoviez is safe for us? Or isn’t it? Do we download movies using a movie downloading website like Coolmoviez or not? Downloading these types of movie sites is completely illegal under the Piracy Act. If you work on and use these illegal websites, it will also be considered illegal.


TV Series Movieswood

And when it’s considered illegal, you may even be punished, or you may have to pay a fine, so don’t use or use websites with this piracy content.


rashmika mandanna photos 4
rashmika mandanna photos 4

How Coolmoviez 2023 works

Let’s now talk about how the Coolmoviez website works and how to make money. Friends, such a website cannot be run by a single person. It takes a whole team to run these websites and these teams sit in a secret place, set up their servers and then work on these sites.

First of all, they piracy popular movies. That is, uploading popular movies to the site. Because Coolmoviez Films are available for free on such websites, many users come. These people put advertisements on this movie site and earn money with its help.

rashmika mandanna photos 9
rashmika mandanna photos 9

Because the number of visitors to such a website keeps increasing day by day, the glory of the movie website also earns a lot of money. They know it’s illegal, yet they do it and make money.

Note:- If any person is caught uploading content without the written consent of the filmmaker on a website like Coolmoviez, he can have to pay imprisonment of up to 3 years and a fine of up to Rs 10 lakh under the Cinematograph Act 2019. Apart from this, if you record the movie in theaters without permission, you can also be punished.

The Cinematograph (Amendment) Bill, 2019


Legal Alternatives Website to Coolmoviez

Legally watching or downloading movies online is the most ideal way. Many sites and applications legally offer both free and paid movies on the web. Some of which are as follows:-





amazon prime video

Prime Video

disney hotstar

Disney Hotstar

mx player

MX Player







Disclaimer:- According to the Indian Penal Code, piracy of any film is a very big crime, so subscribe to this film only from the official website. Piracy of any content is an illegal crime, for which you can also be punished. website opposes all websites with Piracy Content. The main purpose of this article is to provide you with just information. We do not promote piracy or illegal activities on our website. In this article we have given information about Coolmoviez but we do not support any such site, this article is written for information only.

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