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Cirkus Box Office Collection: Rohit Shetty has returned with his new film called Circus, which is full of entertainment and the comedy of the film has won the hearts of the people and the film has also earned a great amount from the box office on its first day as soon as it is released. How much is the budget and how many crores did the film earn from all over the world on the first day?

cirkus 2
cirkus 2

So in the olden times, elderly people used to say that when there is a storm, one should not go out of the house and should not dare to hit the storm at all, but here Rohit Shetty not only tried to hit the storm but also stood in front of the storm. It is earning great money like a storm in theaters, but in front of this storm, Rohit Shetty released his new film Circus.

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The film, which despite the release of Avatar 2, has earned a lot of money on the first day of the box office and now it seems that the ending of 2022 is going to be a big lucky for Bollywood along with circus because the circus film family audience has completely liked it and the film is now fully ready to earn a long amount at the box office. Apart from Ranveer Singh, Pooja Hegde, Varun Sharma, Sanjay Sharma, Johnny Lever and many other actors are seen in the film.

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If we talk about the budget of the circus film, then the cost of making the circus film was 70 crores, the same as the promotion of this film cost 15 crores, that is, the total budget of the film becomes 85 crores, but we would like to tell you that despite the circus film being released in theaters, it is earning great earnings, but this film is earning great earnings even before it comes to theaters. The makers of this film had earned a lot of money.

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Yes, let us tell you how they are? Here the digital rights of the circus film i.e. the rights to show on OTT have been sold for Rs 55 crore, the satellite rights of this film i.e. the rights to show on TV have been sold for Rs 30 crore, as well as the music rights of the circus film i.e. the rights of the songs have been sold for Rs 12 crore. Before releasing the film, the producer of the film had earned Rs 97 crore by selling digital rights, satellite rights and music rights.

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The budget of the film is only Rs 85 crore and before the release of the film, 97 crore producers had reduced, that is, the filmmakers had already benefited from Rs 12 crore before the release of the film, but now if we talk about how many screens the circus film was released here and how much the film could earn from the box office on the first day, then let us tell you that the circus film was released. Released on 3200 screens in All India.

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At the same time, this film has got about 800 screens in the overseas market i.e. abroad, that is, the circus film has been released on more than 4000 screens worldwide and here the circus film took such a high screen occupancy in the morning shows was 8 to 10 percent because in a way it can be called decent because it is cold in the morning. However, the booking for the film’s afternoon, evening and night shows has become quite strong.

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And according to the report that has come so far, the circus film is collecting a net collection of Rs 9.50 crore from India on its first day, while India Gross is collecting Rs 11.30 crore. But on its first day, the circus film is earning about 5 crore 50 lakh rupees above 800 screens from abroad.

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And with this, the worldwide gross collection of circus is being 16 crore 80 lakh rupees, yes according to early estimate figures, the circus film is earning a great amount of Rs 16 crore 80 lakh from the worldwide market on the first day, which can be called a decent opening in a way. It is being said that this film will earn a lot of money tomorrow and the day after i.e. weekend.

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Anyway, the circus film has a full month to earn because until Pathan is released, the circus is going to rule the box office completely, so you can expect that the final lifetime collection of the film can go in the range of a minimum of Rs 200 crore. Please tell us as well as follow us to get more such updates.

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