Chhatriwali Movie | Overview, Story Plot, Facts – Review

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chhatriwali movie
chhatriwali movie

Actresses like Rakul Preet Singh, Sumit Vyas, Satish Kaushik, Dolly Ahluwalia, and Rajesh Talent have worked in this film, the story is cut in the karnal city of Haryana in the era where we ask for all kinds of toothpaste, powder, odomos before buying condoms from chemists. Also read – pathan movie , Selfie Movie, Tu Jhoothi Mein Makkar Movie.

Where the reproduction chapter of biology comes, the teacher says that boys and girls should go to different sections. Separate teachers will teach girls and different teachers will talk to boys. Teach digestive systems. Because he will get a question of ten numbers in the exam.

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Chhatriwali Movie – Rakul Preet Singh, Sumit Vyas, Satish Kaushik

chhatriwali movie
chhatriwali movie

But the reproductive system that comes right below that is not necessary. Because only the question of number two will come from him. When I passed class 10 out of 2,12, these things seem to be from that era. But that is not the case. This is today’s thing. This is today’s story. The story of Chhatriwali is not old because you see Sumit Vyas’s character going to his shop.

He sanitizes his hands before entering the shop. See the code pasted on the door of the same shop. The story is today. Just our issues are tired there. Rakul Preet Singh’s character Sanya completed her studies in chemistry, but she is not getting a job. Owns a condom manufacturing company.

Sanya’s path collides with him. He offers him a job. The job is to check the quality of condoms and test condoms. Shame is right, but the job is money, Sania says yes, she is also ashamed of work, but the job that shames herself.

What will happen when the bomb explodes, as well as how will she understand the importance of her job, this is the main plot of the film, there is a thick story, Zee had a film in two thousand twenty-two, I played the lead in the film, his character was that of a condom sales person, he works to sell condoms.

It works to end the shame around him. They try to create awareness. Such stories have become a template. Responsibility comes on the part of a character. He himself is not ready to adopt it. Then from an incident, his path turns to his responsibility.

Then he encounters a person with an opposite ideology. An attempt is made to convince him. And suddenly everything goes well. The story ends and one point remains to be told that the first staff of such films is full of humans. The story suddenly becomes serious in the second half.

Both films released in public interest and umbrella films are on this template, but there is a fundamental difference between these two. Looking at the release in public interest, it seems that an attempt was made to capitalize on social messaging, while the umbrella does not seem to be an imposed story. Male or male, the eye of men was given an important place in the film.

Our neighborhood, our house and the bed hidden inside it. Everyone’s rules are made according to men. In such a situation, if someone hurts the ego, it hurts. For example, Sania starts working in a condom factory full of men. So some become the character of men, for some it causes irritation, Sanya has to not only spread the awareness of condoms to people but also attack that mentality.

The one who allows women to play in a limited area understands his right over their bodies and proudly says that we do not discriminate between women and men, everyone is equal.

And the good thing about the umbrella is that it does not make anyone in the youth of good or bad, everyone is just doing something right and people who do something wrong and wrong are always wrong. In the name of right education, they are just being taught a mistake. have

In one hour and fifty minutes hour you are trying to cover so much, in such a situation, it seems that everything is running, running, suddenly a character gets that now he has to fulfill the responsibility, then immediately the other understands that I was doing wrong.

Overall, the directions in which the story progresses are not able to be properly reconciled in the end at the level of acting or the right thing happened, whether it was Rakul Preet Singh, Sumit Vyas or Rajesh Talent, all of them worked within the scope of their character.

There is no scene that will remain in your mind, which you will remember when the film ends, it is a sensible film with an umbrella, to an extent it also tries to keep you invested in its story, but it takes a heavy toll on the film to settle everything in a hurry.

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