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Box Office India

You know what box office is in a movie or movie if you are connected to the film world and keep an eye on the release date of a film and its earnings. So you must have heard the word box office many times, but have you ever tried to know what this box office is and where this word came from. As we all know that from the box office collection, we know whether the film has been a hit or it has faced a flop.

hindi movies box office performances
hindi movies box office performances

Whenever a film is released, we get the news of its earnings in News TV etc. If you are also fond of films or movies, then you must have heard many times about the words related to the film world, box office. In such a situation, you also want to know about it, so let’s know.

Actually, box office is the place from where tickets are available to go to the cinema hall or movie theater. This place to get tickets is box-like. That’s why it’s called the box office. The term box office is also used for the business of a film.

Even though this box office is made in a small space, but the rate of a film being a hit or flop is calculated from this. How much the film earned and how much profit it earned, all this shows from the ticket selling office i.e. box office.

The box office history is also quite interesting. During the Elizabethan period, entry to the cinema hall was free. That means no money is taken from the audience to watch the film. Because of this, movie theaters were always full, but due to the full space, people of the rich class could not watch the film.

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To solve this problem, separate arrangements were made for the rich class people to watch the film. In which a box-shaped seat was made. Booking of this seat used to be from the office, in this way the earnings of a film used to come from the people sitting in the box. The term box office came into existence by combining the box-sized seat and its booking office.

Boxofficeindia : Box Office India Records Fastest Reching Highest Collection

Apart from box office, some terms such as weekly box office and weekend box office are also prevalent. In such a situation, you will also want to know the meaning of these words. So let me tell you that most of the films are released on Friday, so the earnings from Friday to Thursday are called weekly box office.

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At the same time, weekend box office means the earnings of a film from Friday to Sunday. The number of viewers watching the film in these three days is quite high. From the earnings of these three days, it is estimated whether the film will be a hit or a flop.

So now you must have known what box office is, in fact the office of ticket sales is called box office. The earnings of a film are determined by the sale of tickets from the ticket office. The more tickets are sold, the higher the earnings, hopefully you liked this information related to box office.