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azim premji
azim premji

Today We Will Tell You In Detail About Azim Premji, Who Is The Richest Person In India As Well As Employs Millions Of People.

How He Has Achieved A New Position By Making A Small Company Of His Father’s Oil, Soap One Of The Largest Companies In India Today, So Let’s Know, Azim Premji Biography. Also See – Rahul Sharma , Sunil Mittal , Ashneer Grover.

Azim Premji Is An Indian Industrialist, Businessman And Investor, Who Was Born On 24 July 1945 In Mumbai. He Is The Founder And Main Member Of India’s Famous IT Company Wipro Limited Company.

Azim Premji Is Called The Bill Gates Of India For Making A Soap And Oil Manufacturing Company One Of India’s Largest Trading Companies.


Azim Premji

Name Azim Premji
Date Of Birth July 24, 1945 (Mumbai)
Profession Industrialists, Businessmen, Investors
Parents Hasham Premji Mother – Not Known
Net-Worth USD 1375 Million
Age 78 Years
Nationality Indian


Biography Of Azim Premji

Azim Premji Was Born On July 24, 1945, In A Shia Muslim Family Of Mumbai City. His Father Mohammad Hasham Premji Was A Businessman.

He Had A Small Company Called Western Indian Vegetable Products, Which Had A Business Of Oil, Soap And Other Products Related To Home Food.

After The Partition Of India And Pakistan In 1947, Mohammad Ali Jinnah, A Prominent Politician Of Pakistan, Invited Azim Premji To Come To Pakistan.

But Azim And His Family Decided To Stay In India And Run Their Business Here.

Azim Completed His Schooling In India, And Later The Family Enrolled Azim Premji At Stanford University In America To Study Engineering.

Since Azim Premji Was In America To Study Engineering, So After Some Time Unfortunately, Azim Ji Immediately Returns To India,

After The Death Of His Father, Azim Premji Took Over His Father’s Soap And Oil Manufacturing Company, Since Then Azim Premji Has Taken His Father’s Company To A New Height.


Azim Premji Career

After The Death Of His Father, The Company Was Taken Over By Azim Premji, The Main Product In The Company Was Oil.

But Azim Ji Added Products Like Light Bulbs, Hair Care, Fats Etc. To The Company To Develop The Company. In 1979, Azim Premji Changed The Name Of The Company From Western Indian Vegetable Products To Wipro.

When IBM Was Driven Out Of The Country, Premji Changed The Name Of His Company To Wipro, And Started Making Microcomputers To Enter The Field For High Technology Products.

In This Project, He Collaborated With Sentinel Computer Corporation, An American Company. Very Soon He Completely Transferred From Fast Moving Consumer To Technology Industry.

Azim Premji Foundation

In 2001, He Founded The Azim Premji Foundation And Transferred Equity Shares Worth About Rs 8846 Crore To The Azim Premji Foundation.

Not Only This, Azim Premji Helps Crores Of Rupees For The Development Of Education On Behalf Of Azim Premji Foundation, Premji Believes That Education Is The Future Of The Country.


Azim Premji Net-Worth In Rupees

As Of August 2021, Azim Premji’s Net Worth Is About US $ 950 Million, According To The Information, Azim Premji Donates 25% Of His Earnings To Help People.


Awards And Achievements

  • In 2000, Azim Premji Was Awarded An Honorary Doctorate By The Manipal Academy Of Higher Education.
  • Azim Premji Was Awarded The Padma Vibhushan, The Second Highest Civilian Honour Award, By The Government Of India In 2011.

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