Avatar 2 Box Office Collection Day 8 Total Income

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avatar 2
avatar 2

Avatar 2 Box Office Collection: Finally, avatar the way of water in the Hollywood film has ended its first week at the Indian box office with a bang, but the film is also starting its second week today with a very strong note at the box office and is making new records at the box office by taking a much better advantage than the Bollywood film Circus released this week.

avatar 2 2
avatar 2 2

We are going to know about how much the collection of this film has been at the world wide box office, as well as talk about the hit and superhit of this film, so as you all know that Avatar the Way of Water has been directed by James Cameron, And in the lead of this film, you are going to see Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Kate Winslet, the audience was eagerly waiting for this film to be made on a budget of about $ 400 million.

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In India, the film was released on 4000 screens and managed to take an opening of Rs 41 crore on its first day, while in the first three days, the film had earned a net of Rs 129 crore while earning more than Rs 170 crore at the gross box office. The total box office of this film so far, this film has also strongly strengthened in its weekends at the Indian box office.

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And on its fourth day, where the film was not going to stop, the collections of this film on its fifth day were Rs 16 crore 65 lakh, on the sixth day, the film earned Rs 15 crore 50 lakh. In such a situation, the film has become the one of the biggest openers of this year by touching the figure of Rs 193 crore at the Indian net box office in the first seven days.

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Talking about the Indian gross box office collections of this film, the film had also crossed the Figure of Rs 235 crore at the Indian Gross Box Office, but if we talk about the worldwide box office collection of this film, then the kind of great earnings that the film is making in India, the film also earned as well at the worldwide box office. On the first day, the film proved to be the one of the biggest openers of this year with an opening of $ 134 million.

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At the same time, in the first three days, the film had earned $ 441 million at the worldwide box office, although due to Kovid, the film could not get any special opening in China and Japan, but despite this, the collection of this film has easily crossed the figure of $ 609 million at the world box office in its first week i.e. this film has easily crossed the figure of $ 609 million worldwide in its first week. It has earned about Rs 5000 crore only in its first week, while the budget of this film is 3200 crores.

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That is, this film has made its recovery at the worldwide box office, but if we talk about the box office of this film today i.e. on its eighth day, then let us tell you that even today the excitement among the audience about this film is very high. That the Bollywood film released this week is more than circus, as well as the occupancy of this film in the morning is also very strong.

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The film is touching the figure of about 12 to 13 crores at the Indian net box office even on its eighth day today, while today’s collection of this film at the worldwide box office is going to be around Rs 200 crore. It will have become a big blockbuster at the box office, how did you like this film, please tell us in the comments as well as follow us to get more such updates.

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