Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania Box Office Collection India Worldwide

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ant man and the wasp quantumania
ant man and the wasp quantumania

Friends, this film is seen making many records in advance at the Indian box office, but is this film going to take a superhit opening like the previous marble films on its first day or not, how many crores advance has this film received on its first day?

And what has this film done all over the world so far, so as you all know that the films of Marvel Cinematic Universe are very much liked at the Indian box office, their Thor Love and Cold Spiderman Moven Home and Doctor Strange Two these films may not have been liked by the audience.

ant man and the wasp quantumania
ant man and the wasp quantumania

But despite that, these films did well at the Indian box office, but now Kanton Mania is going to be released at the Indian box office, which is being released on February 17 at the Indian box office and what is the direction of this film.

Petrol Reed said that once again you are going to be seen in the character of Pold Rudd and Mend and is going to win everyone’s heart, if we talk about the total advance screens of this film so far and the box office prediction, then let us tell you that End Pend is going to get about 1800 to 2200 screens at the Indian box office.

Apart from Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam, the original language is also to be released in English. The trailer of this film has received a very good response from the audience. The promo is also a super hit of this film. At the same time, the audience is also excited to see the new villain of this film i.e. Kang.

This is the reason why the Indian box office seems to be taking a very good advance so far and leaving the Bollywood film Shahzada almost miles away, the film has so far achieved an advance of Rs 1 crore 60 lakh in advance, which is in a way an outstanding advance.

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There are still four to five days left for the release of this film, but so far the film has sold more than thirty thousand tickets, the total advance for its first day has also crossed the figure of about Rs 3 crore at the Indian net box office of this film, while there is a lot of good excitement about the film in the oversage.

And this is the reason that the film has crossed the Rs 50 crore mark so far from the oversized market. Let us tell you that end paint was very much liked by the audience at the Indian box office, the second part of this film was also liked by the audience and now the third part of this film can make many records in the end and quarter or at the box office.

The kind of excitement that is being seen for this film and the way the audience likes Marvel’s films. This film will also easily cross the double digit mark on its first day and will take the opening of around 12-13 or 15 crores at the Indian box office and if this film gets good reviews.

So this film can also easily join the 100 crore club and earn Rs 10000 crore at the Worldwide Box Office.

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